Lucid dreaming for a person who don't even dream

I found out about lucid dreaming couple of years ago and I really wanted to try it. I tried multiple methods including the one where we have to convince our brain that we are sleep but we are not and tried method in which we focus of certain action to keep our self in conscious. Had no luck.

Most of the people online tells to write journals or self awareness practice inside dreams but “I don’t dream” I dream very very rarely and there just few seconds of it.

is it maybe because I have a very deep sleep? I have to set around 10 alarms to wake up in morning. Any lucid dreamer who don’t usually dream? Need help.

If you are getting enough sleep, you will be getting dreams of a good length. You just aren’t remembering them.

I talked to someone once. He told me that he NEVER dreamed. I told him everyone does and that he should set the intention of remembering them when he goes to sleep.

Next day, he was excited. He had recalled his first dream.

To aid recall. NEVER jump out of bed on waking, give yourself time to recapture the dream memories.

Everyone dreams, unless of course they have some sort of sleeping disorder.
However, most cases are on personal error.
If you don’t already, try creating a consistent sleep schedule. Say, 11pm bedtime and wake up at 7am or 8am. Most of the dreams you’ll remember will happen closer to the morning when you REM cycle is the longest. I tend to remember most of mine after 4 or 6am.
Also, keep a daily journal. This doesn’t have to be a dream journal specifically, but a regular every-day journal for any subject. I find keeping these and reflecting on your day will help your memory in general.

The easiest trick I’ve used to get people to remember their dreams is before they go to bed set an affirmation, “Tonight, I will remember my dreams.” Say it over and over again and with feeling. This has worked for everyone I’ve recommended. Good luck!

As it said on this website, it is also helpful to use this trick: Fill a glass full of water. Drink half of it in the evening and tell yourself “I will remember my dreams tomorrow.” The next morning, drink the other half; hopefully, your subconscious will kick in and you will have better dream recall. Remember to take it easy waking up, but also to get your dreams down quickly; we forget 90% of our dreams in 10 minutes. Dream journals are a necessity for dream recall.
I hope this helps?