Lucid dreaming in the morning or night (GUIDE)

I have figured out that the time that you try to have a lucid dream is really important. Say you want to have a lucid dream FAST i would recommend you try in the morning , 1 hour before awakening. These are the times where it’s easiest to have a LD:

1Hour before awakening
Pros: Easiest time to have a LD ,takes less efort.
Cons: Gives you unstable and often a low level of lucidity

[b]5-6 Hours after going to bed
Pros: It gives you a higher level of lucidity than 1h before awakening

Cons: This is a little harder than 1Hour before awakening

At night, when youre going to sleep
Pros: You won’t be so tired so you’ll fall asleep doing MILD or WILD technique. Gives you the most stable and vivid lucid dreams.

Cons: This is harder than the last two, and it will also need more patience.[/b]

Hope this helps!
/ MrSantana22

i tried the first and third version, because i’m sleeping in same room as my brother and i don’t want to wake him up int middle of night…

anyway, using the first technique, i got 3 (all) LD.

in the third tech, after cca 10 minutes, i have a terrible need to move/itch something or somewhere, but if i get over it, i layed in my bed about two hours, awake :grin: but at least it’s nice feeling (i should try MILD)

…aand, i’m doing this techs for about a month :tongue:

I never thought of it that way. I knew these ideas existed, but I never made the connection. I find the first and third to be the most effective for me. :content: