Lucid dreaming - inside jokes

Has anyone, unexpectedly said something related to lucid dreaming, without even knowing about lucid dreaming, and you either think it’s funny, or you go, “Woah!”
Either way, have you ever had this happen to you? Here’s an example:
My history teacher is talking, and all of a sudden out of nowhere he says, “So, reality check. These things actually happened.” I was shocked, but I forgot to do a reality check. (Did one later, though…)

Me: How bout that Large Hadron Collider experiment. Wow that thing is WILD!
Friend: Yeah i know! We could’ve died! That was pretty Wild
Me(under my breath):Speaking of WILD…that WILD i did last night was AMAZING! Wow!
Friend:…Oh i see! devil you. who’s the lucky lady?
Me: Forget i said that

I was walking by the TV when my siblings were watching “Akela and the Bee” and she was playing Scrabble with this kid and he made the word “lucid” with his tiles.

I was doing an assignment for my typing class, and all the letters I did was A.(for awake)

When a bunch of people in class are talking about how cool their dreams are and someone says “wouldn’t it be cool to control your dreams” I just smile to myself :neutral:

I would mention lucid dreaming, if I got such a great opportunity. Most students in my university know about lucid dreaming anyway. In a train one kid heard me talk about it and came to ask me about it. The worst thing that can happen is that people give you weird looks? I’m fine with that.

Not really LD related, but one of my customers at work said to me recently, ‘wouldn’t it be great to remember your dreams? I mean, they’re just a flash in the pan aren’t they? I hardly ever dream!’ I really wanted to tell her about LDing, or even just how to improve recall, but unfortunately some people are stuck in their own little world and she just ignored me as soon as I started speaking… :sad:

I strongly dislike people like that. :meh: