Lucid Dreaming On Demand

I wrote a compact PDF guide that explains the WILD and WBTB techniques… What do you think?

Download Here

I just downloaded it and I will definitely check it out later! :ok:

wow from what i’ve seen; very helpful!

“…you start again from the begging.” Was that on purpose? :razz:

sounds good, I’m really gonna focus on WILD’s and WBTB’s this summer, because it’s so hard with school :grrr:

Hmm i went to download it but then all of my anti viruses went nuts calling it a virus so I’ll pass on this one

The WBTB one has an inconsistency: step 3 says “stay up for 20-30 minutes” and step 4 says “after those 30-60 minutes”. Just thought I’d point it out.

Lucidology guy says 45 :razz:

The amount of time a person needs to stay awake during WBTB actually depends on the person him/herself.

Personally I have my half-half rule. Half an hour awake with half a cup of coffee. There are some people who say that staying up for ten minutes is enough for them, and some prefer an hour.

Figuring out how much time you need awake is the most time consuming part of WBTB since it requires several trials, but it is the most important step. Plus, after it is done, most WBTB attempts will end up as successes.

well i downloaded it. ill check it out

I read it. It’s pretty good and will probably help some new LDers. There are some typoes in it that you might want to look at, so just read it over. But overall the information isn’t anything that you can’t find on this website.

I can’t accsess the LD4all guide properly on my Iphone, so it’s good to have a PDF on my phone. Thanks! Gonna try this tonight!

ahhh where you talk about hearing things I sometimes hear whispers and I hear my name a lot and I see flashes of light. without trying for lucidity of course. Is this part of lucid dreaming?