Lucid Dreaming Party

I would like to put together a Lucid Dreaming Party. Anyone who is into LD’ing is already invited. I have never held a LD’ing party or ever been to one, so I have to brainstorm and I would appreciate anyone’s help.
First of all we must put everything into account; we are scattered throughout Earth, so it is hard to all come together. So this must be held in the astral plane.
I know my ideas are a bit scattery, but I do have a big plan in mind. Does anybody want to help? Please, we will all have so much fun!
At the party, lets do things on the subject of Lucid dreams. Anything and everything we do, will be in the Art of Lucid Dreaming.
Anybody have any Lucid Dreaming games we could play in order to become better at lucid dreaming?

They do have retreats where you go out to improve or learn how to lucid dream or have OBEs. Thats your party right there :cool:

Those who would want to partake in this partay would have to believe in shared dreaming, at least, if not the concept of OBE, AP, Astral Plane, etc (which i believe in), or maybe some sort of telepathy…

anyways the thing would be exactly ‘where’ to meet. Where is a very, very wispy word in regards to the astral plane. Im not too experienced (only like 2 spontanous OBE and one actual consciously induced astral projection), but im sure that the motivation of a gathering and all the possibilities :cool_laugh: , will make up for the lack of experience. Many ways to go about this…uh ok as for the idea of LD being the Astral Plane, we could meet in a mutually manifested LD dreamscape, from within our own LD’s…of course i now stand in a hypothetical battleground, a tired warrior…another way is to actually from an OBE somehow meet, again here things (esp ‘place’ and ‘time’ ) get vague and many ideas are born such as if multiple souls or beings wish to meet in the astral they will gravitate and wherever they meet in the dance towards such is the place. As you can guess many never-to-be-answered-through-debate questions arise once again such as ‘OBE from LD?’ ‘LD as Astral Plane?’ ‘Shared Dreaming as Telepathy or OBE or somewhere in between?’ etc etc etc

Now of course there is the nagging feeling in my head saying ‘dont be too analytical stupid!’ and i agree, thinking that matters of AP and LD arent as complicated as many people believe, i remember back in my philosophizing days, heh in fact near the end of such, a revelation: ‘there need be no explanation!’ (cannot convey what i felt contained within this one) but to analytically elaborate :shy: its like ‘why be so anayltical when in doing so you do not actually go for it, do not truly experience it, but instead stand there at a safe distance and speculate?’ :confused:

Anyways yeah i would like to partake, i guess the only real thing to plan from here is ‘when’ though that is vague, how about ‘whenever?’ :smile: hey maybe, if you believe in collective motivation having power (mob mentality) then the more people actually considering joining in such, the more likely it is to happen :cool_laugh:

Though logic and whatnot tell me this isnt likely to happen, i dont listen much to that ego aspect anyways, esp due to its unconstructive nature hehe…

As for stuff to do, i personally dont like planning such details ahead of time but to go with whatever comes to mind…some ideas would be ‘exploring the furthest reaches of the astral’, ‘exploring the reaches of human nature’, ‘finding out the origin and ultimate meaning of the soul’ (that’ll be a doozy), from that kind of stuff to other stuff like ‘astral combat’ (though some say dancing) or ‘conversing with otherworldly beings’ or ‘exploring past lives (if you believe in such)’ as you can guess by now the possibilities are endless…! :bored:

ok count me in :cool:

Call me pessimistic, but the idea of gathering many LDers to a dream scape at a specific time seems like something not to be achieved all too soon. Like Sentient said, not everybody believes in shared dreaming or AP/OBE. I think people have to get pretty good at both LDing and their form of APing (whether it be for those who believe it is just a form of LD or an actual full-blown Out-of-Body Exploration) in order to get anywhere with this. I have a friend wink who is always wanting to attempt shared dreaming and I just don’t think it’s feasible until we both get better at LDing. Besides, if the people involved aren’t dreaming at the same time (and think about all the people we have here in different time zones), it’s going to be very hard to pull it off. For those of you who wish to partake in the shared dreaming adventure, good luck to you. And if you do have success, I will happily eat my words.

I have been going to the SeaLife forums alot lately. I am on a dream team there. I have met other people who are very experienced LD’ers and OOBExplorers. I have had plenty of LD’s and a few conciously controled OOBE’s, but have not mastered them yet. I’m working on it everyday though. Shared dreaming is a fact to me even though I haven’t yet experienced one I just know we can do it.
For me to talk about having a Lucid Dreaming party is a near future thing for me since I do still have to develope my abilities.
Also, when it comes to sleeping and dreaming in different time zones…I really feel that dreams are a no-time zone. Like people can really have a clearly shared dream even though they slept and woke within a 12 hour difference. Well, I don’t know forsure, but I am definently on the path to find out.

Six months later and I still have not mastered them yet. :neutral:

What’s it gonna take for me to acheive this goal. :confused:

Self Discipline!!! :yes:

I must admit that I have not been behaving myself lately. :spinning: :bounce: :spinning:

Well, I just responded to my old topic here for my own reminder, but please…
Do feel so free to comment everybody.

Hehe. :cool: As far as discipline goes, i think that is the key factor in developing anything. Discipline is not the developing of the skill really, but more like breaking the habits of not trying. The getting over the bumps in the road, forging ahead, slapping yourself when ya get lazy, etc.

I dont know if behaving yourself has anything to do with it, unless of course it effects your other endeavors. I mean, there are partier successful-LD’ers out here, arent there? :smile: