Lucid dreaming picture

I have a question. Has anyone else experienced what i ama bout to type? i have had bout three lucid dreams in the last two weeks, and in every one of these lucid dream there has been a reocurring paintin that is named lucid dreams 2. it also appears in my normal dreams,so i was wondering if anyone else had seeen this picture. its blue clouds in the sky, with some water a lake maybe. and some trees, and i think a moon. i dont remeber exactly. But if anyone can help that would be much appreciated

I haven’t seen that exact scene on a painting per se, but I have seen a lot of nice beautiful real scenery, night skies, sunrises, beautiul green plains and meadows from the top of hills and mountains, planets of our solar system a lot closer than normal.
When I dream like this, its usually because I’m very calm and relaxed, and not too concerned with or stressed about anything.