lucid dreaming problems please help me

Hi everyone,

Please help me, i have had so many dreams but i don’t think i have been lucid in them.

some of my dreams have been about me flying on a bubble of air below me. but at the time i have not been able to verify in the dream world if i was dreaming or not.

last night i dreamt of having sex with this beautiful lady and i reached orgasm in the dream but of course not in real life. the dream felt so real

i also had all kinds of other dreams but how can i become lucid in the dream i tried the glass of water method last night which can be found below.

Could somebody tell me if they have tried this method and if it works well, for giving me good dreams it did work but i still don’t know if i have become lucid or not.

glass of water method: … ertech.htm

thank you for your help

yours honeyjigga

I was thinking of bringing this thread back up, and thought by now i was going to get a reply
please help it will truly help towards my dream development if this thread was answered even though i created it a long time ago,

please post some help for me


I didn’t try this method.
You have a lucid dream if you know you are dreaming. As I suppose that you know this definition for a while, I suppose that your problem must be slightly different too. Try to remember to do a reality check in your dreams : it’s certainly a good way to be sure, after waking up, that you were lucid.

I would suggest you start by:

=> keeping a dream journal and learn to recognize your dream signs.
=> While awake develop a habit of critically questioning your reality. Ask yourself “am I dreaming” .Then prove if you are or not. Do this seriously. You should do this at least 20 times a day at first
=> practice a induction technique such as MILD or WILD.

If you stay consistent with practicing you will see results.