Lucid dreaming room...

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Here’s my deal, I am in college living in the dorms, and my roommate moved out. I’m such an incredibly light sleeper that he would accidentally wake me many many times during the course of the night, and I could never get back to sleep (even with earplugs). Besides, our personalities and charcters really clashed and we both wanted out of the situation. Anyways, now I have the room to myself, with some extra furniture as well. With all the possibilites of how I could arrange the room, I decided it should best accomodate the needs of a lucid dreamer. This is where the forum comes in.

Does anyone have any suggestions to me (as well as the other dreamers on the forum) on how best to arrange a room to allow for best conditions for lucid dreaming? For example, the position of the bed, window, desk, lights, computer, etc? This may seem like a stupid question, but when you stop to think about it, a well-planned room really does have a lot to offer a dreaming fanatic. I’d appreciate any ideas out there… Thanks. :sleep:

firstly a list of things in the room would be nice to work with, but i’ll try to help anyway.

You could place you bed next to the window (unless there is a lot of outside noise) so that the sunlight can wake you up, which i often find is a good way to remember dreams and it allows you to have fresh air on your face making it easier to fall asleep again if you get woken up.

i guess the computer and desk can go near your bed so you can write in you dd as you need, and if you want to sleep lightly you could leave your computer on to make a humming sound. (i know- its a waste of power, blah, blah, blah) light should be accessable so you can write in your dd in the middle of the night.

Fenoderee only one tip…never sleep with your head pointing towards the west!


Hellow fellow,
Why is this that we should not sleep facing west? :eh:


Thanks for the ideas guys,

 I should have also mentioned that I have an extra bed and an extra desk. I think I'm going to join the two beds together to make it a queen-size. That way I'll have more room for WILDing. That'll also be nice for [i]certain[/i] company I might have  :grin: . I am going to take alex's advice and put the beds near the window so the sun can wake me up in the morning, and install some good heavy drapes for when I go back to sleep to try induction techniques. One of the desks will be right next to the beds with my LD librairy, laptop, light, alarm clock, earplugs, and DD. This will be my lucid desk, as apposed to the other one which will be my schoolwork desk.  :content: 

Alex wrote:

Well that does sound like a a good idea, except that I live about as far north as you can get in the U.S., excluding alaska. Would the cold breeze keep me up, or help me to sleep in the otherwise oven-like temperatures of the dorms?

Thanks for the tip Jeff, I’m going to make sure the beds are facing north. For as long as I can remember I have slept facing west, this makes me wonder if changing this will cause me to have more LD’s… I’ll keep you all updated on that. Could be interesting.

Also I’m going to get some full-spectrum flourescent tubes to replace the older harsh ones that come with the room, and put one of those huge 5 foot ferns on the floor next to me head when I sleep. Maybe the added oxygen will do something? Well anyways thanks for the help again, and happy dreaming! :beer:

sighs, I had a longer replied typed, but my mouse is mean to me :sad: yeah, my mouse deleted it, don’t ask

I once going to mention that I heard it’s good to have your head facing magnetic north, and your feet south. It helps your body’s natural field align with the Earth’s field. I’m not sure how it helps dreams, or where I have heard this from.

I see Jeff touched on the same subject. Hmmm Fenoderee? how did you make the conculsion from Jeff’s post to face north!? :smile:

I’d also suggest “glow in the dark” stars to stick on your ceiling and high on your walls. It might also be good to get some dreamy or lucidity related posters to remind your subconscious subconsiously about dreams. :wink: Maybe get some Waking Life posters or make your own. It would be fun decorations if anything. :happy:

For me, I have to have 2 shades on my window. I usually sleep in daylight and like to pull the shades to make the room dark.

For fun, it would by funny to put up a fake light switch that never works. :grin: or if you are good with electronics wire an old battery operated clock to show funny numbers.

Creative ideas dreamaddict! Haha, about the direction to face my beds… I could see how that was confusing… I meant that I would make sure my bed wasnt facing west, but I guess my subconscious reminded me that its best to sleep facing north. I rememner hearing this somewhere a long time ago. Strange…

All year I have been wanting to draw a, intricate and detailed starfield on my ceiling with these glow-in-the-dark markers, but I dont know how I would explain that one at the end of the year to the people who rent out the dorms. I guess I could use the stick-on stars you mentioned. I’m going to make a bigger “DO A REALITY CHECK” poster as well. I’ve got this idiot fridge that makes a loud “pop” noise every 20 minutes when it turns on and off. Its driving me insane… whenever I get deep into a trance or meditation it snaps me out of it. I tried to incorporate it into a sort of “sound device” that would wake me up partially during REM, but I cant get to sleep quicker than 20 minutes, and it just keeps me up. Its come to earplugs msot nights…

Yes yogi in the east tried all directions for meditation and sleep and they found out…

the west makes u fall a sleep more easy but less lucid.
So lol ppl that cant fall a sleep better face west, or north.
East and north are best for meditation and such also for lds
South maybe also, it activates a bit, but less healthy for deep sleep.

Must say i never had proof this is so, but so far most they claimed was true. At least it wont harm lol