Lucid Dreaming & School. . .

I’ve known about lucid dreaming for about a year or two now, but have only become very serious about in that last month or so.
as of yet, i havent had a lucid dream, so im attempting to break down my dreams so i know what to expect when im dreaming, to become lucid.

Lately my dream recall averages at about 1 dream per night, sometimes 2, never 0. i dont know why but just about all my dreams have something related to school, at the moment im not in school (i will be tomorow :grrr: ). When im in school, i dont be thinking about dreaming, i dont RC or anything. when i go back to school i want to put more of an effort into doing RC’s etc while im in school, so the next time i have a dream about school i will realise im dreaming.

The problem is though, is that its VERY hard for me to remind myself to do RC’s, ask myself am i dreaming etc. any GOOD tips to discretely remind myslef to wonder about dreaming or to do an RC?

Thanks :ok:

I´d try to connect it to certain events like this:
I do a RC whenever
-I leave home
-get on/off the bus/bike
-enter the school building
-enter my classroom
-take a seat
-hear the bell ringing
-teacher enters the room

Well, find out which are fine for you
The other method would be a watch which beeps every hour, or a little note on your hand (just draw a little line, everyone thinks it was by accident) and remember to do a RC whenever you hear the beep or look at the mark on your hand. However, I think the first method is better since you shouldn´t get dependant on things like a watch (since you probably don´t have one in your dreams)


If you’re that serious, I suggest, if you use computers a lot, to set up a computer program that will pop up messages (subliminal messages 3.0, a free program, can be set for long, readable as well as subliminal speed messages and can be adjusted by interval) plus you could write on your hand or wear a watch that has big fat “RC” on it. Less conspicuous is wearing your watch on the hand opposite from the one you regularly use, so you realize something is amiss every time you check your watch and RC. Oh yeah, set your watch to beep on the hour, a beep is a RC… Also little “RC” stickynotes around everywhere. Go nuts.

Just start doing them, it will become easier and easier. Try to remember to RC every time the bell rings, or whenever you go to your locker, it will eventually become a habit.