Lucid dreaming spell

Whether or not magic exists I have always believed in the power of positive energy and here is a site where they cast spells for lucid dreaming. I’m so desperate that I’m willing to try it. Will it work though? … al-travel/ :help:

If it’s positive energy you’re after, Little Miss Moss, why don’t try something a bit less drastic first? We all like to look out for each other here on LD4all. It sounds as if you’re not sure about the idea of magic yourself - do you really want to get mixed up in something you’re not sure about, with people you’re not sure about, for the sake of something which I promise that absolutely anyone can do, with just a little patience?

Here’s my recommendation, for what it’s worth. Ceremony doesn’t have to be mystical or magical. It’s a way of putting positive ideas in our heads and building up good habits of thought. When you make yourself a cup of tea the same way every morning or when you arrange the cushions on your sofa, that’s a little ceremony that shapes the way you think about the world: those particular rituals shape your surroundings into something safe and secure. My breakfast cup of Earl Grey can turn the whole universe upside down - it’s more powerful than any magic I’ve ever heard of.

So if you want a little ritual to help centre your mind and suffuse it with the idea of Lucid Dreaming before you go to bed, why not tailor-make one for yourself? You can add it to your WBTB routine. If you get up specially for it in the middle of the night and give yourself lots of careful, formal little actions to do you’re bound to go to bed full of confidence. I’m sure you have a better idea than me what will work for you!

:wizard: [center]But for example, make a cup of your favourite tea. Light a candle - a special one you don’t use for anything else. Then write this little verse on a piece of paper and read it out three times:

[i]O lamp that gutters through the night,
When I put out to sleep,
Wash through my reason with your light,
And guide me on the deep.

Burn the piece of paper in the candle. Careful with your fingers now! And when you’ve finished, douse the candle in your tea and drink down the tea mixed with light. [/center][right]:wizard: [/right]

Now, I made that up in two minutes and there’s nothing magical or supernatural about it! It’s all about focus and setting a frame. If that’s the kind of thing that helps you, have a go - try that and you may not have to dabble in the weird :cthulhuy: . Take care now!