Lucid Dreaming through Meditation?

Hey everyone, i havnt been very active on the forums recently but i’v been continueing my attempts to lucid dream with no success in the last few months =(.

Just recently i have started minor forms of meditation (lying on my bed and just stop thinking). What i was wondering is; what kind of meditation can i use to help me become lucid and whether there are any people who can become lucid while performing lucid dreams.

I remember from somewhere reading that people like budhist monks can go straight into a lucid dream while meditations and i think it would be worth an attempt to master it :content:

Thanks in advance

I heard there was something called Dream Yoga, but I only know that it exists and that it probably isn’t the kind of yoga where you’ll be able to contort your physical body into a pretzel.

My very first lucid dream came about from a chakra meditation. It didn’t involve visualizing colored flowers or balls of light, just focusing on the general area with pure awareness.

I have had the same question. I just googled it for more information and got this website, hope it helps :wink:

I know of some Master Lucid Dreamers who LD through meditation. I’m not sure exactly how they do it, though. I think WritersCube just clears his mind and focuses on the place he wants to visit.

I myself have noticed that whenever I meditate before bed I have a lot better DR and better chances to get lucid, so it is definitely worth it.

One way, I believe, is to just lie still and observe your thoughts passively. When you start getting close to a WILD you thoughts will go bananas and the most random things will pop into your head, including images and sounds. If you get too involved in these experiences you’ll most likely fall asleep and enter a ND, but simply ignoring them doesn’t really help to WILD either, so here’s where the meditation comes in. In this stage not only everything is kinda random it tends to change a lot, so if you try to focus too much on HI, for example, you might lose it all. So you should just be aware that it’s there, whatever it is, and not get attached, let it fade away and see what comes next.

I hope that makes sense… this is based on my exoeriences, so I don’t know how right it is “technically”. :wink: But no doubt, meditation helps lucid dreaming directly.

This kinda makes me wonder if it isn’t actually about WILD/Falling asleep during meditation. Just that your body is in the same position (sitting).

Yea meditation helps as well as binaural beats. Im still experimenting with how often and how long I’m supposed to listen for the full effects.

I usually do lying down meditation (savasana), 20min at night and 20min in the morning.
It works for me, increases my dream recall and awareness.