Lucid dreaming tips and FILD help

So I have been trying the FILD technique for a while. I attempted it once and when I did I saw purple lights flashing and felt my room getting lighter and my body getting lighter. Ever since then, I’ve been trying FILD. I wonder, how do you not focus on trying to fall asleep as that is my biggest issue as well and what relaxation methods are good for you?

if i want to relax/meditae i just focus on the world around me like the noises, and then slowly get more tired, just imagine you whole body adn your blood, rushing trought your veins and just really feel your body and then think about something that gives you a good feeling. imagine a fire (a campfire) and then see the flames and the warmth and stuff and it gets me really relaxed. idk if it also can work for you

I’ve never heard of the method FILD. What would it be?

LINK to FILD tutorial