Lucid Dreaming to Astral Projecting

Hello LD4all!
I was wondering if once you learn to Lucid Dream, if it will or can help someone learn to Astral Project? Astral Projection seems to me that it would be harder than Lucid Dreaming, but I could be mistaken.

If anyone has any experience with this or just Astral Projection in general it would be much appreciated for your input!

Sir Maximuus

i know these two bad boys r similar and i want to know how to do them
i can LD at will

but this is like floating around in your dreams , u fall into your dreams
i want to fall out of ma body ,
and float around

i shall read robert bruce ap study guide
google it if u dont know what it is

i think he is in not sure

I’m not even very precisely sure, what astral projection is, but I have a glue, and I’ve actually been thinking about the same thing… :eh: :eh: (I’m in rambling mood now, but I try to say my point shortly :bored: ) The places in my dreams don’t look similar like in the real world, but usually I dream of being in a certain town, which remainds of the town where I’ve lived most of my life. I could even draw a map about where my dreams happen in that town (I’ve done that sometimes, but recently I’ve been too lazy), and all of those have a kind of analogous (but far less interesting) spot in that real town. Sometimes I’m wandering around, looking for a certain place, that even has a name directly taken from the real town (usually it’s about one of my childhood homes)!
So, it could of course be just and only my wacky dream version of my childhood town, but what if it IS some sort of astral projection?! Should places look exactly realistic during an astral projection, or can they be distorted somehow? :bored:
Sorry for a quite pointless comment… :grin:

I’m pretty sure places are supposed to look the same (though a lot of people who are regular Astral Projectors claim that they can somehow see with a 360 degree vision), because it’s evidently your astral body leaving your physical body. But, I think along with the real world you can see the Astral Plane or something like that.

But from my thinking I think that learning to Lucid Dream could actually help the speed of learning to Astral Project and vice versa. Because they both take commitment, focusing (in some cases) on a certain goal, relaxing, and becoming conscious where you would usually wouldn’t be (and where you would usually let your subconscious take over).

If anyone has had any luck with Astral Projection I’d love to here about your experience(s)!

i think this is how it goes

i fall asleep - thinkin of ma dreams - ma focus inside ma head

there is different steps in order to project ur awareness outside
maybe half the steps to LD u can do to project outside

a for sure step is sleep paralysis
once ur there with ur eyes open and u cant move

your body will shake like crazy and tremble
i know some people use an exit technique to get out of the body
at this point and some how crawl out

i never done this

my farthest would be sleep paralysis and the shaking
need more experience …and practice ,will update

its fhuckin scary when ur body shakes !! need to control the fear to success into the next step :razz:

I have never started to shake because of a LD, but a couple of time’s I’ve been “paralyzed” after the dream, which is freaking scary too! And it’s not only that your body is paralyzed for a while, but your mind is stuck somewhere between dreaming and being awake and it takes a lot of effort to be able to really wake up!
Once when I was in that state, I could feel like I was walking all around my flat, but everything was grey, and lacking all the little details. Then I always found myself paralyzed in my bed again, and when I tried to rise up & wake up, I just took another “walk” in my grey and detail-less flat… until I FINALLY could wake up from that horror by forcing my hand to move (it was difficult)!!! When I think about it, actuslly that, if something, reminds of astral projection, but it was highly uncomfortable, actually it was horrifying!!! :bored: :bored: :bored: If astral projection is like that, I prefer to never experience it…

Many AP-guides suggest you start with lucid dreaming. After a dream you are in a good state for AP’ing, but after normal dreams you usually “go back to sleep”. It’s common to softly wake up after LD’s which gives you a shot at getting an OBE.

I found that any kind of gateway in a dream can put you in an AP-state. The gateway can be anything. I stepped into a TV in a ND and it ended and i had an AP after that i think… It can be really hard to tell if you had an LD or AP.

I also heard speeds or falling can be used to go from LD to AP.