Lucid Dreaming to Induce Bodily/Physiological Changes

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but do you think that one could use lucid dreaming to positively affect the body?

People can be hypnotized to stop smoking or to curb their appetite. I remember hearing an account in which someone under suggestion developed a coin shaped burn/blisters when they were instructed to imagine a hot quarter on their arm.

In the same way, do you think that there is that same connection between mind and body in the dreamworld?

Do you think it could be possible to:

  1. Ask a dream character to give you a scalp massage or apply some treatment that will then work to make your hair grow a little faster (within reason)?

  2. Eat an herb than in turn lowers your blood pressure?

Has anyone tried anything like this? Do you think it’s possible?

I think it’s very possible. I always like to eat unhealthy food (like chocolate for example) in LDs because they are just good as in IRL (or better) and I don’t feel the the need to eat those kinds of things IRL as much when I wake up :smile:

But I’ll try this tonight- maybe I’ll go to the doctors and see if I’m feeling better in the morning (I’ve been sick the last couple of days) :smile:

Tbh, I think quitting smoking can help.

Say you’re in a lucid dream. Teleport a cigarette. But make sure it does NOT feel good and the cig makes you feel all bad and sick. Then, if you keep doing this you’ll forget how a real cig feels and you won’t want to touch one again. That’s just my theory.

I don’t know. Well, for first we should define what dreaming is, and even today scientists can’t say for sure why, they have at least dozen theories and none can be for sure or dismissed…

I don’t know if you knew but when one is meditating he is resting much more then when one is sleeping., at least mentally… For our body to rest and regain power we need those cycles before REM. This thing about mediation is a scientific fact and can be proven, so I guess that the same we could prove about lucid dreaming.

Also it was proven that when we are dreaming about let’s say playing a game that we played a night before we are getting better reflex and precision next time when we are playing this game. So I guess we can learn in a dream in some sense.

All that doesn’t answer your question, but it’s a example on a mind - body connection, so in a sense I’m saying that’s possible, even though I’m sceptical…

you will have ultimately had to make the choice as to whether such an experience is a possibility

furthermore you may if you continue to believe, find accounts of other’s who have had changes which are attributed to having had induced them from being lucidly dreamy

Its definitely possible in my opinion. I got a friend who does lucid dreaming for almost 20 years now. And he said he stoped smoking by hypnotizing hisself in his dream. I dont have a own experience but i trust him, so i would say its possible.

[color=indigo]Hmm, I don’t know… I don’t want to sound mean but in my humble (and often wrong) opinion, growing your hair faster sounds so fake as those claims that say that lucid dreamers can change the colours of their eyes in RL :eh:

I’m a spiritual person who likes to think in dreams as something more than our minds playing cool games with us while we’re sleeping. But even someone like myself can see that the events that happen while in the dreaming (mind/astral) plane can’t affect us like that.

Maybe you could have some placebo/auto-suggestion effects when waking up (such as the quiting smoking thing or the becoming better at playing games / doing sports), but I don’t think that you could be able to change your DNA in such a way.

It sounds a bit too fantastical for my taste. :wink:[/color]