Lucid dreaming, vivid dreams, precog and meanings

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The recent years i have started experienced dreams where I can feel touch, smell, taste, eyevision of course and also hearing in some dream.

This night I had another vivid dream with touch and hearing and it was about my ex Gf. all of the dreams where I have felt touch, smell etc have been of her. We broke up 2 years ago and haven’t spoken since then.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s kinda creepy.

Please help me what does this mean?

You mind is perfectly capable of creating all kinds of sensory inputs in dreams, no matter the subject of dreaming. You can touch, smell, taste, hear, see and even feel pain.

The fact that you dreamt about your ex only means your thoughts can wander to her, nothing more. Dreams form from a stream of thoughts uninhibited by logic.

And lucid dream is not the same as a vivid dream. Lucid dream is a dream where you realize it’s a dream.

Hi! I most often realize it’s a dream, sometimes when I do i wake up,

Sometimes i can think inside the dream and reason with myself that it is a dream,

but i can not fly yet :sad:

Sometimes i dream of a place and I can see this place in real life. Usually it takes 1 year after the dream for the place to manifest and I can remember the dream like a deja vu when i see this place and i also get a strange creepy feeling when this happens…what is that and what does it mean??

I already gave you an answer that fits here as well. Dreams are just thoughts forming into an experience without logic limiting them. I do not believe there to be further meaning to them. Anything that seems to be foretold by your dreams must be a coincidence. Otherwise this “future sight” would be well documented already, people have been dreaming for thousands of years.

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Most likely explanations are coinidence or you have seen it on TV, a magazine etc and your mind just used the location in a dream.

We do have a big PreCog dreams topic in Beyond Dreaming [the BIG PreCog dreams Topic - part II) about dreams that predict real life events. It is very inactive though.


Pre Cog sounds interesting i will check it out but most certainly it’s just circumstances or maybe some glitch caused by drugs or alcohol :tongue:

On the other note though in quantum physics it has been revealed that a photon can be on two different places at the same time. So who knows. :wiske:


Yeah, drugs can probably cause what you experienced. I study physics so I’ll comment on that other thing you said too. A particle’s position is uncertain until measured, so it can be in many places before that. There’s also quantum entanglement, which I think you are referring to. Our brain cannot gain information through quantum entanglement and even if it could, the information wouldn’t be from the future. Not sure where you were going with that.

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