lucid dreaming with open eyes!

i had a LD that after a blank area two small blocks of light appears .
i look at them and countinue to observe them after a while i thought that
i look at them just with one eye and try hardly to open the other one and
i did but not for a long time and then i walk in the dream world.when my ld
finished i wake up and i feel that one of my eyes were open all the time and i was looking to the windows that lights comes from them. the visuals were differente but there was no doubt that those blocks was the visuals of the windows.
anybody have the same lds? or did you ever read something about that ?
i think this look like that Florinda Donner explain in the being in dreaming
how will be that we look at the world in ld with the open eyes? false awakin?

that is very very interesting, no i havent ever read or ever done this my self. this has only happened to me in a wild but then i awake interesting