Lucid dreaming with the Neuro Programer


Unfortunately the “looking for beta testers” thread is closed, but maybe it is even better to open a new topic, so here I do…

At first I have a question: Did the beta test include the Sleepcycle transformations of NNS or BSS? And what are the results?

I didn’t found my way to the Neuro Programer because of the desire to dream lucid, but now I’m at a point, I ask me: Couldn’t it be possible to boost oneselfs lucid dream rate with the Neuro Programmer?!

If I think about it, everything depends on your subconsciousness and with NP you can influence just that.

So my question is: Is anybody interested to search for suggestions or frequencies, with which we can boost our lucid dream rate?

I be glad about the fact that NP seems not to be completely unknown in this forum, but it seems that nobody took the chance to explore this tool. So what do you think?

Here is the Link to NP:

I was a beta tester for the neuro programmer, but during my move to university i lost the details for my account for the forum. wasnt the person I should speak to a member of this board? if it’s YOU, please contact me!!

Hi madhatter,

I’m, only a user of NP2 (and so also a user of the forum), but I would like to find out, how we could stimulate lucid dreaming with NP… that’s why I posted this…

well, I used a preset that someone on this board (or the NP board, i forget) made, that was specifically for lucid dreaming. I wish i was able to find my login details again!

didnt mean to ressurect an old topic - posted in new one