lucid dreams 3d games

hi there

I was wondering after having a lot lucid dreams lately about computer games whether any game designers (computer games/console games) out there have produced such a game that is either based in the mind of a person lucid dreaming or becoming lucid or is based around an independant world where you play a character of a person trying to become lucid?

I am not sure whether anybody has written such a post before but I thought I would make a post to see if a) somebody has thought about this and b) if such a game exists.

happy LDing

That’d be a good idea… but no I haven’t thought of this, and I’m not sure if such a game exists. Would be cool though! :cool:

Man would that be ****ing cool. But since you can do anything in a LD it would be too much of a complex game. Huge and complex.

10 years ago I have created a LD game called “DROOM” and made the demoversion on the amiga for my 3rd year project in artschool.
The idea is still in my mind, although the person i made it with (who mainly came up with the weird names and storylines) and i have grown apart. It is my idea and concept though, so if i would ever make the real game i would have to start all over.

it is an adventure game, like myst, you are playing it and will gradually discover you are in a dream and can control your surroundings.

but i have seen a dream adventure game sometime, only the package though, (can’t remember the name, was a long time ago) and it wasn’t really LD based, just that it took place inside a dream.

You can lucid dream in a PC game called “Baldurs Gate 2”

you maybe able to Lucid dream in part of it. But what I was talking about was a game solely on Lucid dream preferably where the game resides inside sombody’s head and your charater is on an adventure with the head of the person experiencing a lucid dream or to eplain it another way, a game where you are the uncousious mind.