Lucid Dreams! A Special Gift Hard To Reach.

Hello Everyone!!! WasP’s here! I hope everything is alright, today im writing this text because i need to explain my situation… And i maybe need some help too. :smile: :happy:

It’s been a couple of months that i have heard about Lucid dreaming… I actually saw the movie Inception and i though that it was only fiction… And then i did some search and i learnd that it was possible to control ourselfs in dreams, at that moment i though about a lot of stuff

•Being able to fly!
•Having the most incredible girlfriend!
•Discovering a new world !

It was magic to just think about it… So what it is to experience it :smile:
As i said its been a couple of months that i have heard about it and i was also practicing it (trying), i though it was easy to reach that step but i was wrong! Actually it need alot of waiting and focus, i know that but i miss something… And that thing is the determination ! You know when see something awesome at the TV i always say to myself that im gonna do it in my Lucid dreams but im able to do it :meh: i have a dream book when i was writing dreams in it … I did it like 1 week but one day i just didnt remember my dream and i just lost my determination i was like “Oh i don’t care” and then i just stoped writing dreams since a while ! … Now im gonna say the reasons why i want to do Lucid Dreams.
Personnaly i think its a gift from god for the special persones…
I feel like life is a little bit too boring, and dreams are here to change us to make us happy! Because at least we can have anything we want in it can’t we? :happy:
I want to be able to do everything i want, that’s the perfect reason for anyone that asks why you want to do lucid dreams! Im writing this text on this website to also help me reach that damn Lucidity ! Haha because talking about it helps! You can also write how was the begening of your fate! Thanks for have reading me… And i apology for my english its because im french! PEACE <3.

This is freaky !!!
Let me explain myself ; i am french too, and i have the EXACT same problem ! I mean everything you said, is exactly what is in my brain lol. I even thought i might have posted this X)
This will hopefully help me :tongue: im trying to gain back my determination by thinking of what i could do in a LD !

Well ln that note bye and have a good day friend :3

Ok guys,
First of all, I am french too so feel free to send me a private message so I can help you deeper or even talk on skype. Anyone who wants can by the way.

So lets get to it :
I started lucid dreaming 2 years ago and I started from nothing. I just saw a post on the internet and started to read about it. I was so enthusiastic about it, doing whatever you want and having the feelings which go with it ? wow !

But it is a learnable process. I didn’t even remember my dreams at first but bits by bits I started to remember more and more. You should definitly write your dreams down and not give up. First of all, I believe it’s the key to lucid dreaming and second, even normal dreams can be amazing (eve more than lucid dreams sometimes)

It may sound hard to learnlucid dreaming but you have to believe in yourself and furthermore expect it to happen !
I can now say that I am a lucid dreamer and that it brought me incredible experiences. I don’t plan on stopping this practise because it’s so enjoyable and its all bonus in your life.

So guys just keep going and don’t worry, it may sound hard at first but once you make it, you know what you’re looking for and what to expect which make the whole process a lot easier.

Dream on !