Lucid dreams and moon states?

Hi all,

I have a theory which I want to share with you… I noticed in the past that when it’s full moon I have really vivid normal dreams. I’m a beginner with lucid dreams, but my theory is that sometimes it’s easier to get lucid and have a vivid dream when the moon is in specific state. What do you think?

Last night I also noticed that it is a full moon, in the morning I read in the newspaper that there was even a moon eclipse! And guess what… I did had a really vivid dream again. I was even almost managed to get lucid. I realized for some seconds that something’s really weird and did two reality checks and it was a dream but I couldn’t stabilize the dream and I kept dreaming like it were a normal dream. That was actually my second dream.
The first one was also normal and really vivid, I even felt some really emotional feelings… I think I felt in love! It was a person (female :happy: ) with that we’re only very good friends in real life. And when I woke up in the morning I really realized… hey I really like this girl! (sorry, that was some off topic)
Back on topic, what do you think? Do you had any special dreams while the moon was in specific state?

REALLY! A lunar eclipse happened where I’m at. woke up at 2:00 to see it. I decided to try to WILD+WBTB. Success!

haha really ? xD i Had 2 of my most vivid dreams ever !
I once saw pasQuale saying that our dreams were more vivid in full moons :razz:

Interesting… The full moon thing is really fascinating. One thing I notice is that I see a lot more hobbos, crazy people and drunks when its a full moon.

Also, I remembered three dreams and all of them was about labyrinths.
I mean, why ? maybe my subconscious remembered a labyrinth i saw yesterday and got hooked on it…

where did you see me say that?

I don’t quite remember, it maybe wasn’t you =/

But someone said something like : Look in your dream journal, you’ll see that your dreams tend to be more vivid during full moons !

Sorry if it wasn’t you pasQuale D:

Meh, my dreams were no more vivid during the full moon/eclipse than any other time. Buuuut, there have been some interesting behavioral studies that show certain people do have reactions to the moon at certain times in relation to its gravitational pull. I wouldn’t be surprised if this lead to an increase in vivid dreams if the mind is more active and aware.

Very interesting, so i’m not the only one. :smile: This could be a big thing… this makes me believe even more that we are somehow connected somehow with the whole universe.
If someone has some links to studies/researches please post.

I don’t see how does that has to do with this. Rhewin told you, gravitational pull has an effect on people’s minds, but it has nothing to do with the oneness of us and the universe.

i think its possible it could somehow have an affect as the night of the lunar eclipse i had awesome DR and it was pretty vivid as well

I found this … ur-dreams/

Nope, I don’t remember what I dreamt. If the moon thing’s true, it’d be awesome to remember what I dreamt.

Here is a small article on the general influence of a full moon on psychological behavoir. It’s not very in depth, but it cites some interesting studies. Mind you, it is focusing on negative behavoir, but it’s something to go on.

It also gives a good argument as to how it could not do anything at all. As it says, many people may see or experience something that is weird, and then selectively remember it when asking questions like how the moon changes people.

And here’s a more in depth study that breaks down different area and shows where there were and were not any changes.

Heres a intersting fact I learned this morning, but there hasnt been a lunar eclipse on the winter solace in nearly 400 years.

A bit longer, even!

I had a amazing dream, however I managed to become lucid and summon stuff :smile: My dream recall was really good too.

I have noticed during the couple of days leading up to and after the full moon that my energy body in general is more active.

Dream recall is better ie I actually remember dreams without having to write them down as soon as I wake, and most of my ‘spontaneous’ lucid dreams/OBEs happen during this time.

As mentioned this could be related to an association - I had good dream call today, it is a full moon or close to therefore the moon made this happen.

Based on the fact others also experience this, is it coincidental or true?

We should take note of the moon phases in our dream journals… if only I recorded my dreams more often.

This is the reason I think you guys have vivid dreams.