Lucid dreams and the dissabled

I was talking to my friend last night, and she started talking about her friend that got hit by a car 4 years ago.

She can think, but she can not express herself. But she is a good artist.
I was thinking about teaching her about lucid dreams maybe.

Does anyone have any infomation about such people?

I think is could be a fantastic outlet for people in simular situations.

anyway, what do you guys think?

Yes nice idea Waterstar :smile:
If she succeeds she will have some extra fun and joy in her life and it sure can give some unique expperiences created by her own needs and creativity, that real life especially in her circumstances cant give her!

Its definite worth a try I think! :cool:


I think you should. It would be a wonderful thing for her.
Remember if you need help you always got the help of the forum. :smile:

That would be nice.

I think lucid dreams would help disabled people alot. I wonder how it would feel to walk in a dream if you never have walked before. Hmm they say blind people dream so I wonder if they can lucid dream…

:happy: Yeah and also have sex again lol and swim or dive or dance!
Or even sport or hugg your kidds etc etc
Those things really could be then a gift from heaven for you!

Btw my pinguin avatar is stolen…so its speedy in the mean time :smile:
If someone finds it plz bring my pinguin back to me!


That’s a great idea! Do it do it do it! But make sure you teach well and go slow… Oh we could put together an entire curriculum of lucid dreaming here… but I’m not going to do it… anyways you should start with just the dream recall, and then go into MILD, WILD, and WBTB… then tell her how to stay in the dream, tell her to stabilize everything first (engrave it into her mind because people forget when they become lucid…) yahh…

Anyways good luck!

Lucid dreams are the answer for a lot of disabled peoples problems. If youre blind, well that would be the ultimate dream sign, if you can see in your dream you’d know very quickly you were dreaming, considering in real life you cannot see.

Same thing for being deaf, if you can hear in your dream you’d already quickly know you were dreaming, and LD would be an amazing outlet for deaf, blind and paralyzed people. But its also kinda scary because they could become obssessed considering it would be so wonderful, they could finally walk/see/hear in the LD, so they may never wanna live RL again and devote too much of there time to become lucid. But more then likely not, Im sure theyd realize that wasnt healthy and it would satisfy them that they have a night of sleep each night to try.

And also, if one of us on the board went to jail, we would still know about lucid dreaming, so we could rely on that to take us away from constantly being locked up. I really think I could be happy locked up for 15 years, as long as I could work on my lucid dreams and have them to escape nonstop Hell in prison.

One more thing, LD is an escape for myself as well, I have a bad knee problem in both of my knees, it keeps me from running and being physically active. So when I have a LD, Ill finally be able to run normally, itll also be a type of dream sign, if I run in my dream, Ill know it cant be real and thus, know Im dreaming.

Lol, well, I’m deaf and I find LD’s so wonderful. In the past when I was a kid, I actually tried to LIVE in my LD’s instead of my real life, but hehe, you know what? My life here is wonderful too. :biggrin: Being deaf has both pros and cons. It shouldn’t be seen as a heartbreaking and sad experience. It should be seen as something that help you to become stronger. So I don’t live in LD’s anymore. I live my life out now. :smile: I enjoy the moment and criesh every moment.

I got a taste of what it is like to dream without visual which people who were born blind dream of. It is surely still vivid and powerful. Feeling is what it counts. :smile:

And yes, I think that it’s a wonderful thing to spend words around about LD’s. I know Uncle, who got paralyized and couldn’t ever run again always, have dreams where he knew that he was dreaming. He ran and ran. He told me personally that he really miss running. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what lucid dreams are and he only had it few times. Very rare, but I know that it helped him in a way. It gave him a new hope… hard to explain, but yeah. :smile:

Great points DM7 :smile: Our perspective’s shape how we become and I have started to dislike the word “disability.” You may be disable to hear, but your concentration is enabled to focus on things without the distraction of sound. I’m convinced that these unique perspectives on life (deafness, blindness, or both) can give humanity knowledge that most of us would have overlooked.

I think waterstar has a great idea and you should try it out with your friend. I have often thought elderly people could benefit mentally if they knew they could enjoy a younger and pain-free body in their dreams. Older people can be “set in their ways” and a bit closed minded on these topics at times though. :tongue: but some old people are cool. :cool:

Don’t bother, I tried… for about three days after giving up. Lol.

DM7, if you don’t mind me asking, if you were deaf from birth, then can you hear sounds in dreams? Sorry, this is a stupid question. It’s like a blind from birth man asking, what’s it like to see. I can’t think how to explain that.

Sometimes I don’t think humanity focuses anough on sound.

True, but I can also see the benifits in living in a world with no external sound. We can always close our eyes to stop seeing, but we can’t really ever close our ears, and therefore intense meditation requires a isolated enviroment. One with no hearing would not be required to seek such a location.

Everything has its pros and cons.

  • feed_my_BRAIN

I agree Feed my brain …in a ld i can meditate with no sound around me, thats great, and even with zero gravity if i want to :smile:


Oops, I just saw that. :content: Sorry for taking forever to reply that.
Well, I became deaf (theorically) from antibotics that they gave me when I was born 3 months premature. Also I was able to hear LOUD sounds when I was younger so it might be why, and also I think that I’m able to hear sounds when I meditate or dream because it is strongly linked to emotions. I always hear sounds linked to my emotions especially when I meditate/dream.

I heard from Jeff that a blind person had a NDE and he/she (I think she) was able to see everything. :smile: So… maybe it’s not so impossible as it thought to be. :happy: