Lucid dreams everynight?

Okey so my question is really if its possible to have lucid dreams every night, and never have normal dreams…

I have seen some people with this, but they are narcoleptic so that makes things different.

Since dreams are the answers to problem we have IWL, what would happen if we only would have lucid dreams?

I don’t know, but I have expereinced lucid dreams for 8-9 nights in a row atleast three times, and I never noticed any unusual sideaffects.
EDIT: But I have heard rumors that overexposure to LD can lead to madness. Tread carefully.

Well, some people are just lucid in dreams. That ability is revealed at 5-6 year of life. Illusion is one of them, how I guess. For non-supernatural LDers there is always possibility of learning LDing at will, which seems to be a masterpiece. It’s great, but really hard to learn. You just have to know that you can have LD’s every night you want it to be. But it’s not so easy it seems - it dont have to be a prediction, an expectation, but knowledge. You can also master LDing by normal techniques, but they sometimes fails. It’d be so cool to have olny LD’s >_<. I wish I was supernatural.

I heard that having LDs all the time could indeed cause some trouble. I was told that if you don’t have normal dreams, every day events won’t be “processed” anymore, or something.

You might not give normal dreams the time to do whatever they are for. But then, what about narcoleptic people and natural lucids? :eh:

I talked to that guy who said he had a 1 week long LD, and he told me that he was narcoleptic, it took him 10 seconds from he went to bed to he got lucid, I have seen a documentary on this, narcoleptic people have like 100 times more REM-sleep than other people, and even get rem-sleep at day when staying awake. So for them or at least the guy I talked with he can have a LD every night…

I did LD everynight for 2 weeks when i first started LD’ing. The problem is my DR. Someone I know LD’s everynight without trying.

last week i was LDing every night, sometimes twice a night. i havent had one since, but i really hope i can get back to that.

ive had a LD every night so far been about 3 or 4 days

When i have ld’s, i get them in bulk, if i am going to have an ld one night, they come in groups. I can have 3-4 ld’s in one night, but then not have any for weeks. I can’t just get 1, not that i am complaining.