Lucid Dreams or Sleep Paralysis?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me whether my funny dream experiences are LD’s or just sleep paralysis. I get confused between the two sometimes because if I’m correct, you are aware you’re dreaming in both.

As a kid I use to have some pretty freaky dreams/nightmares where it felt absolutely real, like how it feels now (I’m awake by the way :tongue: ). I’d “wake up” in my room and an old, scary looking woman cloacked in black would terrorize me and sometimes even grab me if I were trying to get to the bathroom or run from her. I’m 19 now and these dreams have started to come back, only most of the time she doesn’t appear.

When I’m in this state I can tell staight away, I recognise the signs and I know I’m really asleep and that my eyes are closed. I can see my room, exactly as it is when I’m conscious, and most of the time I try to will my hands to turn the light on or stay very calm to wake myself up. Once while in this state, I saw blue or red lights flashing all over my room and I could hear a loud, warning noise exactly like a siren…more of a war siren than a police one. Twice in the past 2 years, the old woman has come back, the second time only a couple of nights ago.

Only last night I fell right back into this state, but I managed to force my eyes to open before I got to deep into it. I always fear she’ll appear.

Am I anywhere near lucidity, or is this something completely different?

even if you were in SP, you could still get into SP very easily.

I can’t tell if it’s a dream or SP. Only you can, by reality checking.

Hope this helps.

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