lucid dreams vs. O.B.E.'S

iv’e heard people talk alot abut Lucid dreams, but never enough about O.B.E.'s to where i dont know the complete difference between them,
i know the clarity level is ALOT higher in O.B.E.'s and i know you can remember them alot easier, but is it possible to not go where everybodies talking about, just becouse im in an O.B.E?
like the topic of LD4all island, it is a public created place, but they say it is for lucid dreams,is there any real difference?
ok heres a better explanation
imagine the lucid dreaming realm as a planet
now imagin the O.B.E. realm is like another planet
are they two completely different things, or are there just certain things about them different? :eek:

Lucid dreaming is a completely different planet, while in OBE the planet is the same you live in RL, with very slight differences. Usually, you can’t say they are 2 completely different things because OBE’s are confusing and makes you believe it was actually a lucid dream, but there are quite some differences between them:

  • in OBE’s, you may also feel your physical body along with the spiritual one (not too often);

  • in OBE’s, you can’t go too far away from the point you started, the farer you go from your physical body, the more you are pushed back and start to fear apparently for no reason;

  • in OBE’s, you can’t change your body shape and when you look at your body it also has some kind of glow (does not apply to all, but for the most).

  • in OBE’s, your supernatural powers are limited, and this is mostly connected to the environment, you can fly, walk through objects, but you can’t make an object fly or blow it up; it simply doesn’t work. Also, the way it starts may have a connection to it. In high level OBE, you actually feel how you are dispatched from your body and if this happens, you need no other signs to know you are in an OBE.
    This would be the major differences, in the rest everything feels the same as a lucid dream so, even if they are different as “planets”, you will have almost the same perceptions over them.

The difference between a lucid dream, and an out of body experience is based on opinion. Those who believe OBE is possible, generally believe, you project in a spirit body, on this planet. Those that don’t, believe an OBE is nothing more than an LD in which you believe you are projecting or whatever you want to call it.

When you talk about an LD4all island, that would depend on your beliefs surrounding dreams. What exactly you believe a dream is. It could be seen as a trip into another shared dream-world, where it would be kinda like an SD. A trip to your own personal dream-world, which could be either a fabrication of your mind, or an actual place in some respect. Or it could just be instigating a certain themed dream.

So, you are out of your body on this planet earth? If that is so, say my neighbor is having an OBE, and he/she has floated up to their roof. And then I have an OBE, and float up to my roof. Would I be able to see my neighbor?

I could say you from my personal experience that yes, it is very possible…