Lucid Fear

Hi everyone,
Last night I had a nightmare (hadn’t had one for years and it’s the first on my dream journal) :
I was constricted by a man who seemed maybe possesed and quite aggressive. I knew that I was dreaming but untill I do a RC I can’t really be lucid. But the man was holding me quite tight and when I tried to free an arm to pinch my nose, his grasp tightens more. Eventually I could free an arm but his nails left me a flesh wound. I do a RC and I start falling to the back with him ( a bit like a kick in inception when you fall backwards on a chair) and when i reached solid ground he was gone (yipee). I was in a renaissance type bedroom with vivid colors, but the colors seemed unstable then I woke up.

Just after waking I fell back asleep and was in a old manor with an invisible entity chasing me (again fear was omnipresent in the dream), did a quick RC but I still ran a bit from the area I was, you never now what the entity could be haha. So I became lucid but a tall bald man emerged from a door and I started to panic and it seems that fear can fragilize your lucidity. I started to ran and I saw my arm, just in front of my face and couldn’t move it, I figured out that it was my arm IRL due to the position I was sleeping the arm was right in front of my eyes (I sometimes sleep with my eyes a bit open, maybe that’s why). Didn’t last very long afterwards, I encountered an lady wrapped in white blankets who frightened me and I woke up and the lady became my pillow.

So even though I was lucid and aware that I was dreaming, it still scared me.
Have some of you already encountered such lucid dreams ?

Once lucid I basically do what I want. That means having fun and feeling euphoric!

Try it next time your in a bad situation but realize it’s a dream. Just use all of your will and strength to believe in the fact that it’s your dream and you can do what ever you want…

Lucid nightmares are pretty common.

Me, rather than trying to control them, I use humor to get out of any fear I might be feeling and simply talk to my antagonists.

It doesn’t always work. Fear can weaken your lucidity, but I’ve found that humor strengthens it.

Hmm next time I’ll try that, thanks !

Hahaha summarizes quite nicely the situation :happy: