Lucid "feeling" in a non-lucid dream

(I wasn’t sure if I should post it here, in General Lucidness, or even in Beyond Dreaming… but I’ll try here as it was a ND.)

I had a dream this morning where I had some powers (flying, making a piece of paper stretch and change color) and in which I talked to a DC about being in another reality, though I wasn’t lucid (there was no realization or connection with dreams at all). That has happened before, no big deal, in fact, I very frequently have powers and talk about other worlds in my non-lucid dreams.

What I found weird was that I had that lucid “feeling” during the dream and after I woke up. I’m hoping you know what I’m talking about as it’s hard to put into words! You know that feeling, it’s like your dream body has some extra “energy”, like some kind of weird non-physical tightness or faint vibration? Then when you wake up it’s like you’re being sucked back into waking reality. I’ve had this before, but I think only from lucid dreams (usually my best most vivid and mind blowing ones).

I’ve always associated this feeling with lucidity/awareness in dreams, but I don’t think I was particularly more aware in this ND. Has anyone felt this in a non-lucid dream? That is, if anyone even knows the feeling I’m talking about :happy: . For people that know about or believe in OBE’s, is there some connection? As it does feel sometimes like my dream body being “out of phase”, or something (if so, any links or words I can google?). It’s sort of the feeling I get when I WILD by spinning out of my body and onto the floor…

Sounds like it may be something usually associated with WILDS since I have never had that feeling.

On a side-note it does feel like it belongs here … and you have the power to move it if the discussion ends up fitting a different forum :wink:

It could be, though it’s strange it’s such a familiar feeling for me seeing how rarely I WILD… (now I’m actually wondering if anyone knows the feeling I’m talking about!)

True! We’ll see where it goes… if it goes anywhere at all.

I have that feeling during most mornings even when I don’t LD.

However I guess I could have a biased view on LDing because I am very demanding when tagging a dream as an LD.

youre talking about a feeling you get as you wake up?
do you mean the feeling of the “dream body” entering the physical body?
could you find more words to describe this?

i had an interesting experience myself, does my post here sound of anything like what you felt?

sorry about this but I found it hard to follow your post there Awe.

Anyway, it could be slightly related if you were asking me. But not much. It’s not about the surreal dream feeling like you described in your post (which I have felt several times).

It’s not about getting back to your real body (usually I don’t really feel like I am getting into my actual body, I just can feel my both bodies at once and then my dream body sort of disappears)

That feeling I am talking about is something more abstract that happens mostly after waking up. It’s some sensation of achievement of being aware and learning from the dream.

@Awe: Your experience in your post sounds a bit familiar. It sounds like a dream where you achieved a higher state of awareness, but lacking the realization that it’s a dream. I can’t remember a specific dream, but I’m sure I’ve had that a few times (it’s pretty amazing, I might say, as the lack of actual lucidity prevents me from waking up prematurely :rofl: ).

The feeling I’m talking about might be close to this, but it’s not really related to perception, it’s a more “physical” (or should I say “bodily”?) thing. Maybe I’m just ever so slightly aware of SP. I’ve felt SP in dreams before, but it’s usually a different stronger feeling. Kind of like a weight or electric feeling. This is more subtle, but may be just a lighter version…

I think the feeling is something like this, but it’s not just abstract for me. It comes with a weird energetic component… as if the sensation of achievement were so great that I can feel it pouring out of my body, like when you are so motivated and enthusiastic you practically feel the endorphins pumping through your veins. I feel this mostly and the strongest in great LD’s, but a little of it remains when I wake up from them.

Anyway, thanks for the replies. I sort of forget the point of the original post :happy: , but it’s interesting to try and discuss these subtle nameless experiences.

couldnt quite understand your description of what you felt Mattias. did you have a certain energetic sensation as you woke up?
if thats so, i had something like that as part of my exploration of effecting the physical body through lucid dreams.

about the link i gave before, it describes to experiences i had that night, i was actually thinking the second one might fit what you experienced (not the one both of you addressed) where i was completely awake yet had this intense feeling of the dream - was not a false awakening or anything like that.

Not really. The experience I’m talking about is felt while IN the dream, though it lingers a bit after I wake up (but not later when I’m fully awake and out of bed).

I think I know what you mean! When lucidity strikes me, I get a unique feeling in my chest/body. It’s kind of like butterflies of excitement but can also be described as “pure awareness”. It’s really hard to describe but is unmistakable. Often, I need not do reality checks in the dream, because I get the “lucid feeling” and know that I’m dreaming.
But if you get the feeling but do not become lucid, it could be described as a “pre-lucid dream”. You were really close to lucidity but did not realize it fully. I suggest taking advantage of this feeling and incorporate it into a MILD or autosuggestion LD method, it works well for me!

That’s the feeling! I just usually get it as a result of (a decent level of) lucidity. Usually when I’m pre-lucid, this pre-lucidity is an almost mental realization, I’ve never felt anything “physical”. I was probably almost lucid in this dream though, so it sure can be related.

this is get! =D

ive had the pre lucidity for a while, although not recently, its really something! a great development in awareness of lucidity you might say. i really dont get any feeling as described here when im normally lucid, i can only relate to when im INCREDIBLY lucid! i wouldnt say butterflies but an extreme ongoing feeling of AWE and excitement, something distinguished for that experience.

so you say you felt that as you woke up mattias?
i got to feel something a lot like it through meditation of it helps you understand it ^^…

I get it in my LD’s sometimes and when I wake up from them the feeling lingers a bit. It’s usually gone by the time I get out of bed, though the excitement part of the feeling remains for a longer time.

Oh, I wish I could feel this while meditating! Now that’s something that would finally get me to stick with meditation for more than a week. :tongue:

yeah of course you get excited after an awesome lucid dream, it can make your day that much more lively, knowing you just experienced this something that is so out of the ordinary, looking at others thinking “you have no idea what your missing…”

if you can bring yourself to clear your mind completely of thoughts, that feeling there is much like upping your lucidity, this idea of gaining more awareness and realization is the same in both actions.

oh btw, could you mean a feeling of wakefulness and lightness (light as the opposite of heavy)
for example, i had this today, before going to sleep i usually leave a window open enough so i would wake a bit early from it. in case i dont get any lucid dreams, when i wake naturally early i can give it another shot. usually this works.

when i did so today ive went into this semi in-between state and had a short “unstable” lucid dream on the way, ive gone at it for a while that when i woke up i was already completely awake as if going through that process woke me up, i was continuously aiming to be awake in the dream that that feeling lingered on and i woke up as if i was awake for the past two hours + i had an extremely light sensation all over my body, even now as im writing this.

Hmm… hard to tell :tongue: It could be it, or closely related to it…

I just thought I should write about this today, which is rather simple.

I had a really long LD this morning and I think that besides the achievement, “energizing”, etc feeling there’s also the "hey, I am not wasting time or opportunity and sleeping mindlessly.

I have to state (as I recall reading my long DJ), that I also have a very long collection of lucid “feelings” in many non-lucid but very vivid dreams.
All the powers were present during the dream but I was nothing else than an observing Eye. The Eye.
This “in between” dimension has made me wonder about another factor: Ego Loss.
We all exist within a definite Ego frame that records our memories.
Including the memories of Ego Loss.
The best kind of memories.
We live Separated and technically divided from the absolute One.
The only true property of Ego literally and metaphorically is in the Memories of self.
Nothing else is permanent!

As I have a experimented in altered states of consciousness in the past, I am familiar with this very different state of existence and awareness:
When it comes through the “Void” of deep meditation, or via chemical and or shamanic action, or in dreams, …it may happen!
When it happens it is our sacred duty to surrender to it unconditionally as it marks beyond doubt Unity with the absolute One!
When I once made the fatal mistake to assert my Ego during this transcendental state it vanished instantly teaching me that I cannot mess with it. I lost it, and returned humiliated at my selfish ego.

So I would like to share with you my conviction that beyond RD and LD, there is a possibility to experience a different state of existence, a different state of perception.
This might me our ultimate purpose in life!

When this happens the only commitment is …Silence…
Good day to you all,

I think dreams that are between lucid and not lucid are just as normal dreams as regular lucid/non lucid dreams. Things don’t have to be black and white. You may feel lucid in a dream, just still feel like having a normal dream, cuz maybe your mind can get more creative that way. Thats kind of how it works to me…Not sure that made sense to you, but I THINK it did for me! :happy: and i do have trouble with black/white thinking a bit, due to my autism…

Not to say that regular lucid/non lucid are all black and white. A dream with one of those as the main themes can still be a lot of fun and enlightening. But dreams can also have both and i don’t really think its anything to worry about too much.

Yeah…i hope this post didn’t get anyone all upset :sad: like i said: i’m autistic. I worry about black and white a lot. I probably don’t know fully what black and white even means. I’m just working with what i see through my own eyes thus far. Again, i hope this post didn’t get under anyones skin. Maybe i shouldn’t of said anything…

Hello Mismagius,

I agree with you a lot. I often think in grades of vividness when recalling a dream. The most vivid dreams for me, is when I can say that I have experienced having a dream body, with the sensations that go with that. I think this is connected to being lucid, to have the sensation of a body that you can willfully move. In fact, when the visual part of a lucid dream fades, rubbing your hands together is often said to bring it back.

NB! You don’t have to keep focus on your autism - I think it itself is not black or white, as it can be a question of certain traits to a bigger or lesser degree.