Lucid for 1-2 years but not a veteran

Hello dreamers.
I have been fascinated with dreams since i was a child, and was lucky in becoming lucid relatively fast after realising the potential of our brain, but even 2 years on i still more often than not realise i am dreaming and can almost instantly wake up. My reality check weird as it sounds is as though i am underwater, i float around when i jump and realise it takes me 2-3 second to land (if at all, i usually have to scale a nearby wall to retreat to surface) when this happens i begin to instantly tell myself and any-one around me this is a dream while spinning and doing a fake trust fall whilst doing simple maths. This sometimes works and i can stay lucid for 5-10 minutes, this is rare however. I always have dreams in general on my mind lucid or not. but 2 years in and with my understand and experience i know i should be able to realise i am dreaming more often and stay lucid more without getting over excited.

I am wiling and interested to take supplements but i am looking before that to here any idea on what you fellow dreamers do to stay lucid or you experience using supplements. (The fingers through the palm technique has never worked as a reality check my fingers touch my palm and stay there as in real life)
I look forward to your responses
Stay frosty,
and happy dreaming.

Welcome to the forums Beardz!
Awesome how easy lucid dreaming is for you. I guess you could call yourself quite a natural.

I wish you a nice time on the boards :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. This post should help.

Personally I find it useful to not rush off to do stuff as soon as I get lucid. Rubbing your hands together or indeed touching/rubbing something in the dream helps. In one of my first lucids, I naturally reached out ans touched a sideboard.
It;s good that you appear to become lucid regularly since it gives you more opportunities to perfect your stabilising techniques.

hi , how do you know its 5-10 mins? maybe its 20 min or 30 min. maybe you had 1 hour lucid dream but you forgot half of it as you woke up. get a journal and write your dreams right after you woke up.
in this way you train your brain not to clear dream cache after waking up, so you can recall most of your lucid dream after doing this for a month. and keep doing it , expert lucid dreamers have a lot of dream journals filled.
good luck