Lucid fragment.... Help?

I have extremely poor dream recall the refuses to improve, but I do all the steps - RC, mantras, Dream Journal, etc.

So last night I had a series of false awakenings, and after another. Just after one, the only one I remember clearly, I did a RC and realized I was dreaming. Cool! I start to walk around my house a bit and then a huge shockwave hits me and I fall to the ground and go to sleep again. This is the only clear fragment of my dreams from that night.

Now, can you guys please help me on that one… Was this a “real” lucid dream, and if I am able to do it, how can I remember better? Fragments like this really aren’t very useful :sad:

What probably happened is that you did get lucid (Congratulations!), but then quickly lost your lucidity.

Remembering lucid dreams is often easier than remembering normal dreams, that’s probably why you remember it the best

Keep at it, gaining better dream recall is a gradual thing. When you wake up in bed, try your best to remember your dreams. Even if you remember nothing at first, just stay still for 10 minutes and try to remember as much as possible.

If you do remember a dream, then write it down. If you only remember fragments, write them down as well. Writing them in the present tense helps a lot, as it allows you to live out the dream in your head, and helps you remember consecutive events.

Try doing WBTB. It’ll give you twice as many chances to remember your dreams. If you want to know more about it, there are plenty of guides on the interwebs.

Next time you become lucid, try to stabilize the dream! Shout “Increase lucidity x100”, rub your hands together, and constantly remind yourself that you’re dreaming. The dream will become really vivid, and the chance that you’ll end up losing lucidity decreases a lot.

Also, now that you know how it feels to become lucid, it should become easier for you in the future. Always doubt your surroundings, no matter how real they seem.

I have tried WBTB, and it does help - the problem is that my dreams are very short and jump around a lot, so when I wake up I usually only remember the last one, unless very rarely I have a real full-length dream.