Lucid Half-Dream..?

When I went to bed, I said in my head, ‘Subconscious, you listening?’. A reply arose without my volition - ‘Yes’ (I’m assuming that was my subconsious’ doing), so I then thought ‘I need to speak to some aspects of my personality. No better time then in a dream. You know who I need to see.’ I hoped it’d work but I wasn’t entirely sure of it.

And all of this happened in what I suspect was a NREM dream state…

Can complex dreams happen in NREM? If not, what sort of dream was this?

Dreams can happen in NREM, but how complex is complex?

NREM dreams are usually blurry and unstable, but you can still be completely lucid, have conversations with DCs and so on.

I’m going to agree with Tggtt. I’ve woken up after an hour of sleep, which I believe was mostly NREM. And I recall it starting with darkness turning to blurry image based on what I was thinking about, then the blurry image eventually turned into a solid dream.