Lucid in an instant. (Somewhat) after waking. Help

OK so last night. I slept pretty late, I’d say around 3-4am. I woke up around 6-7am, went back to sleep almost immediately. I was mildly aware I was lucid dreaming, I could see myself somewhere else. To be exact, I was in some old apartments I used to live at years ago. BUT the reason why I made this thread is because I wasn’t entirely lucid at the same time. I was aware that I was somewhere else but yet, I was also aware I was in my bed asleep. Almost as if I could see both places at the same time. It tripped me out and wouldn’t really let me go 100% to my dream world. I even did reality checks but I just had the whole"i’m still here in my bed" type of thought in the back of my head. Help??

You were semi-lucid

This happens to me too. It feels like the WILD process stops at a point halfway there. Many times, it has evolved into a real LD unless something in the real world has distracted me.

That’s common to me, but mostly when waking up. I usually take a while to wake up, so there’s some sort of transition.
What do I do?
There are two options:

  1. Use DEILD;
  2. Take advantage to recall as much as you can.

Lately I prefer the latter (pun intended). It’s very easy to recall all the dreams while you are still half asleep.