Lucid Language

I think a lot about LDing during the school day, like planning out stuff I would want to do, and today during Spanish class we were discussing the root of languages when a thought popped into my head: “What if I could create a whole new language in my dreams?” I think it would be cool to come up with a language that I use specifically in my dreams. What I’m wondering is, ‘Would this be possible?’

I almost wanna try now, and… we’re all weird on this forum! XD

It could be possible…

/me puts it on her to-do list to start trying to work on.

I was thinking, just let DCs make it up and I can learn it.

Then it’s not your language!
“Hem ut noso su langua!”

It could still be my language since it would still be created in my MY mind.

I personally think that this is very, and I mean very difficult to do. In fact I’m inclined to believe that to achieve this, a person would need to be knowledgeable in linguistics, have a very high degree of lucidity and a lot of lucid dreams to work on this.

Noun and adjective conjugations would probably be the easiest part. Then again you have verb conjugations that differ according to the tense the sentence is in. Speaking of sentences, you’d also need to make up several possible grammatical sentence structures. There are exceptions to rules that have been set as default, for example some conjunctions might not be used as easily as you think they could be. To put it all aside, I want to state that just making up the vast ocean of vocabulary necessary for a language would take an immense amount of time.

Besides, have you ever tried speaking in a language you don’t fully know in a dream? In a normal dream of mine, I did and all was well with my speech. Which got me lucid, and I kept talking in the same language. I woke up from that dream with a sentence clear in my mind, because I was proud I was able to utter a sentence as complex as that one correctly. Once I was awake though, it hit me. I wasn’t using it correctly; it was like a soup of words in that language that I had attached meaning to without the grammar.

The point I’ve been trying to get across is that we don’t need words to think with, therefore in a dream, made-up words put together might feel like it means something. However, if those words would make no sense whatsoever IWL, then it wasn’t a language after all. If they do, then I have nothing else to do except ask a load of questions and congratulate you.

Hmm, This would probably be impossible. If you maybe wanted to make a language OUTSIDE of LDs, then speak it in your dream. Best of luck though! :smile:

I think that it is possible, just time consuming. I’d like to see where you guys go with this :content: Best of luck to you!