Lucid lifetimes

i’ve heard of people living completely stable second lives in lds. always returning to the same house on an extraterrestrial planet with the same people. which brings me to another thought which is dream periods are actually short but seem to last forever and you have several a night. maybe you can train yourself to detect when the dream is naturally going to fade and end at a memorized point to return at during your next dream period. the longest recorded dream period in real time was a little over an hour. with all this in mind does anybody thing you could extend your lucid dreams to feel like days more than a quick ride?

There are methods to prolong lucid dreams. Though there was a guy who wrote a book (forget his name) and he claimed to leave a second life in his dream.

In “waking life” the movie, the couple are discussing the 6-8 minutes after death where the brain is still alive and whether we could live a complete life in a dream in just these few minutes.

Then again … its just a movie :razz:

I beleive it is possible to have a lucid dream to seem like months, years…I believe that time is an illusion, wether sleeping or waking.

I also believe that soon, I will not beleive in this, but know this.


You’ve got to start somewhere… :shrug: :uh: :dream: :om:


If I have a second wife in my dream life, is that bigamy??

From what ive learned in my psychology class, however long you actually dream in waking life will be the amount of precieved dream time you have. You may life through many moments (Ie making love, then eating dinner, then going to a park) by flash through all these. You could do each of those within 20 minutes, but by skipping around in your dream world it may -seem- longer, but in reality its only taking 20 minutes.

Hope this helps.

Well…I had a dream where it lasted a week [I thought it did]…but ExDee is making me rethink that :-/ But I am almost positive it did…It took up about 5 pages in my Dream Journal.

Now…the concept of going back to the same area in your dream every night, and continuing on…little far fetched for me. I mean it could be possible…but…eh…don’t see it happening. I believe in long existing dreams in one night…but yeah… hehe.

Ive had dreams that seemed to go on for a long time too. I think our mind picks out the important things that happens in a dream, and makes a story out of it. Whos to say our mind wont add the inbetween parts? When we dream, our brain is trying to put together a lot of random information into something that makes sense…me jumping from the movies to my house seems a little odd, so I might remember traveling when I woke up. Did I actually dream this? Whos to say…I might have, I might have not.

As long as the experience holds true to us, I bet we could live a week, or a month in a dream…maybe longer (I never have). We dream of certain parts, put them together, and maybe add a few things for it to make even more sense.

Then again, this is just my theory.

But through all that we have wierd dreams, ExDee! :smile:

Actually…im a weirdo. All my dreams seem to make sense to me, and usually have a well thought out plot. I dont -usually- have those random dreams.

I tend to agree with this idea. My longest dream to date (see was 2 weeks. I think the reason why certain parts in our dreams stand out as memorable is that those are the only ones that our mind actually created in the dream. Then, when we wake up, our rational mind takes over and fills in the blanks of the story because we’re quite used to deduction in our normal thought process. That is, filling in the blanks to try and make sense of a situation. Example: A guy is walking down the street. A bus goes by and you lose sight of him for a second. When the bus passes and you see that guy again, he’s laying on the ground. You think to yourself ‘Heh, that’s embarassing, walking down the street and falling flat on your face.’ You didn’t see him fall but you fill in the blanks with the most logical and likely explaination based on the available evidence.

Thats just what I was trying to say. I actually made up a name for this…Dont I feel special.

Unconscious Completion Theory

I actually find it really interesting, but its hard to prove if it happens or not. Thats why its just a theory. :shy:

It sounds very reasonable, i have no reason YET to disagree