Lucid Light Sleep?

A few days ago I was in the light sleep phase of sleep and I could hear what was going on around me. The TV was on, and since the same commercial was playing every 5 minutes, I kept having the same reoccurring dream/HI. Dragon Ball Z :spinning:lol:) was on, and I realized it when I suddenly heard “OVER 9000!!!”. I realized I was dreaming, and immediately chose woke up so as not to miss the “Over 9000” episode. :lol: When I realized I was asleep I actually chose to wake up. I spent a few milliseconds in this state before waking up. I wonder what would happen if I stayed in it? Could I have eventually WILD’ed or OBE’ed.

Has anyone else had an experience like this before?

I have the similar experience every time I nap. But I’m not that councious.

Just an interesting fact: Some budhist people stay aware not just during dreaming, but during every sleep phase.

I wonder how it feels like.

EDIT: And yes, I lol’ed when I read you wake up for the 9000.

Yep, I think you could WILD in that state. I’ve experienced it before. I was in lighttt sleep, but I could still hear my brother IRL switching off the lights and walking around, after that I started to get HI’s which freaked me so bad…the HI’s were incredibily vivid and there were these two giant eyes staring at me like --> :eek:, sound sometimes accompanies my HI’s…and at that time I heard a lot of swooshing car sounds, like how you walk at the very edge of the sidewalk next to a street. I chose to not WILD, and wake myself up…everything slowly faded…but those creepy eyes stared at me till I woke. :bored: