Lucid Memetics - Part II

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The vicious cycle of NO CAN SLEEP

and, alternative version:
The vicious cycle of IRC ADDICTION

Okay, I don’t really understand, why do you type *le at the beginning of the text?

I’s for the LOLz, it (originally) means “The”, but it might also mean “me”, “he”, “she”, “it”, “that”,“this”,“these”,“those”… you name it!

Lol Mimmo, you have a bunch of these, I have a hypothesis for it:

Mimmo’s Hours of Creativity!

Hehe, nice one you made in last post Tggtt :razz:

And I like the IRC addiction memes too, reminds of me sometimes even though Im not an addict :grin:

He should say: “I guess I will create a meme comic about it… and then I’ll check the IRC!” xD

thats actually pretty precise tggtt, i usually get good ideas in the night when i cant sleep :razz:

remember kids, whenever you write down something into your DJ…

All the things

Mimmo, did you steal that from hyperbole and a half? D=

haha omg Ally’s picture. didn’t think i’d see that on LD4all xD

I believe this is my fourth meme. :happy: And I made it about wolfgame and the realization I had not too long ago, (because we need more memes about these things and the pg):

I exploited it and made a meme out of it :razz: there are lots of those in the webs :happy:

Lol Eilatan, that was a really good one, although Im not comparable with that meme :razz:

Apperantly I killed the topic… was it really that bad?

so, i almost forgot. but since i promised Tggtt that i’d post this… here goes my first one :content:

now please note, that this actually happened to me in #LD4all a few days ago :rofl: thing is, where i was raised… i had almost no musicians around me. simply no one plays anything. sometimes guitar. but i’ve never known many musicians in my circle of people. however LD4all seems to be different…


Haha yea I remember Vera inviting me to listen to some of her violin and then 3-4 other people were there as well, making music xD

Where was that, TS?

Anyway we should make a LD4all band :tongue:
1 person records something, sends it and the others add tracks… It’ll probably be pretty horrible but still good fun

nah, it was just chat. i’m rarely on TS (a total of 2 times now xD)… and it’s true, people have taught me a lot about how to read sheet music through irc xDD

I actually meant the people making music Marv was talking about.

But yeah irc can be really really helpfull for all kinds of stuff :tongue:

yes, was on TS
first time I was there

Aww Ava! That is precious. I totally love it

/me hugs Ava and gives musical cookie