Lucid Memetics - Part II

xD That made my day. No joke. That face…priceless.

lol, reminds me of those tenis ones “how does I tenis / lol dunno” or gravity ones… we should get funny pictures of people lying in bed and put the “how does I WILD” :lol: but, yes, that face is priceless :razz:

Kinda like this…

I forgot about that, but Lucid Memetics is now one year old! (actually, since three days ago)

Party time!!

(I remembered it thanks to Ashiren’s Birthday)

Nice one GnarGnar :razz:

What a cute meme to this threads first anniversary

Here comes the newbies:


Fate is talking


Nice pictures OmkAR :razz: I like the smiling stones :grin:

You know, I don’t know why people say LD4all cookies are evil. I mean, Qu asks me to bake them, and they look so amazing, don’t you think? Honestly, I can’t see the harm in eating them. Can you? :wink:

There is no harm, none at all… I eat them often and nothing happens to me.
Although there was something about addictions. :hmmm:
Nah! :tongue:

Lol omkar wins

^IRCer’s dilemma

No harm at all eating ld4all cookehs :razz:



Jarod said something!

^ true story


^ inspired by a IRC conversation.

All times are UTC
jul 30 01:20:07 Did you 20 chain yet?
jul 30 01:20:41 nobody can chain DEILD 20 in a row
jul 30 01:20:43 not even OMKAR

Not even OmkAR

DEILD Roller Pro - The choice of the winners

DEILD People get all the LDs


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