Lucid Mentoring

Hi all:

On another web site that used to be quite popular, there was an adoption program. Its a cute name for a more experienced lucid dreamer agreeing to take on one or more newer lucid dreamers to mentor them.

I don’t think there is any such program here. But regardless, I would be willing to take on a less experienced person or two. I’ve done this in the past and it’s always gratifying if they can make progress.

I’m not a natural by any stretch. But with various intention techniques, my knowledge of supps and other technology I can still get lucid more or less when I try. I have always documented my lucid dreams. But could not tell you an exact count any more. It’s 2000+.

Anyway, I’ve got tricks up my sleeve. Many of them. I am also quite fond of anything psychic phenomenon related.

Ping me if interested. It’s a way to give back. And maybe might create some additional chatter on the site.

We did not create an adoption program or similar, because we prefer open and public sharing and helping each other, in that way you may be able to help even hundreds or more people instead of just a few through DM.

So please feel free and welcome to share your tricks and don’t keep them up your sleeve :eyes: