Lucid new year resolutions?

Hello members of the ld4all community! :smile:

I have been a long time lurker on these forms… I tend to look around and read certain topics; however, I have never actually replied or posted anything. I have been lucid dreaming ever since 2013, and found these forms in 2014. Since today is January 1st, 2015 I decided to make a new year’s resolution to become more involved in the lucid dreaming community. I thought the first necessary step would be to create an account on this site.

This was one of my LD new year’s resolutions… and it got me thinking, do you guys have any LD new year’s resolutions? And if you don’t celebrate the tradition of having new year’s resolutions, do you have any LD goals for the year of 2015? I’m curious to see the responses.

  • Jer

Great New Year’s resolution Jer!

My New Year’s resolution is to focus less on trying to jam all of this lucid dreaming knowledge, techniques and reality checks and what have you, into my brain in an attempt to amass enough knowledge about lucid dreaming to somehow induce one. But rather focus on a few of the more simple techniques that seem to fit well with my personality and lifestyle and hope that gets me to where I want to be in 2015.

Happy New Year everyone :happy:

Welcome :smile: I had a great start of the year by having my first lucid dream in months this night!

Nice! So many had a lucid dream during the first night of 2015. I had one too.

I have a lucid new year resolution/goal. It’s gonna be my personal goal that I set for myself 646 days ago. Apparently this is a greater hurdle than I though, but I believe I can do it this year. I want to explore the town on a remote planet covered in snow that I didn’t get to explore when I first visited the place in a dream.

That’s a great New Year’s resolution! I do agree, there is a lot of information out there on LD’s, especially on this website! It’s all very useful; however, at the same time, I think I do have to focus more on my own journey and what works best for me and my own lifestyle.

Congrats to both WASD and Letaali on the Lucid Dreams last night. I personally didn’t get too much sleep, and kind of broke my sleep routine :blush: … I just had a normal dream of being at the theatre with my friends!

Letaali , that’s a wonderful resolution. Personal goals that are specific will lead you to great success! I hope you are able to achieve your goal in the near future!

Yes I was reading through a few dream journals this morning and a lot of people had new years lucid dream! Congrats to everyone on a great start to the new year.

Loved Obfus8’s dragon dream, that was sweet :happy: