Lucid nightmares?

I have a question Whats a lucid nightmare like? if you’ve ever had one details would be much appreciated. Also when your in a lucid dream and you suddenly think of something scary you saw like a scary movie does that usually result in a lucid nightmare?and if you ever enter a lucid nightmare how do you change it into a good dream?

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I barely get nightmares anymore, so LN is very rare in my case, but I can tell you its like any LD when you realise youre dreaming (except that RC’ing in a nightmare is easier for me :tongue:), then its up to you what to do next :smile:

I remember only one lucid nightmare a long time ago (long before I even heard about lucid dreaming).

My sister almost fell down a well, but I could just grap her by the arm. She screamed that I shouldn’t let go, but after a while I couldn’t hold her any longer. For some reason I realized I was dreaming and just said to her “Nah, it’s just a dream” and I let her fall and waved her goodbye. :shy:

Afterwards I was glad I really had been dreaming :tongue:. Anyway it’s nice to be lucid in a nightmare, because you just don’t give a F@#$ about the scary stuff anymore…

Ive never had a Lucid nightmare. I dont think it is possible.

It is possible, I used to have a recurring nightmare, and from the 2nd time I had the same nightmare, I realized I was dreaming, up to a point where I actually enjoyed the nightmare, and knew what was going to happen next. I guess I could say I was lucid, but still I never did anything that could ‘‘heavily wreck’’ the nightmare’s plot.

I know what Kava means though. The more lucid you are the better you understand that it’s all a dream, and even though the event/place/monster is scary the fear tends to go away as you start seeing things more clearly…

But yeah, with a low or medium level lucidity it can still be a nightmare :tongue: I don’t remember having one though. If I did it wasn’t anything big…

Yeah, I just had my first nice-ish lucid dream last night and it turned into a nightmare of sorts. Like mattias said, I think it only happened because I had low lucidity and just enough awareness to know I was dreaming. I just thought of something scary for a split second and it was too late. >_< If you had enough control of a dream you could probably make any nightmarish scene enjoyable.

I had a lucid dream like a nightmare. It was short dream though. I was on the ground surrounded by rocks. I stood up, I tried to calling out to my dream guide but all I got was a growl back. It was kind of scary so I woke up.

It’s possible to have a lucid nightmare. I’ve had nightmares and became completely lucid but it was still a nightmare.
It depends what kind of fear is being presented. Even with the knowledge that everything around you is just a dream, what the dream can be representing can be a very real problem and that can be scary even in the lucid state.
Though my lucid nightmare is not something I wanna talk about in detail…

I can also imagine this happening with having to relive a painful experience in a dream like a traumatic death. Even if you were lucid, it could still be horrifying.

Its weird how you post this just now, I just had one!
It took alot for me to get it to not be scary, I’m writing it in my DJ right now.
Incase somebody wanted to read it, here it is:
[color=green]I remember walking into the downstairs bathroom, i look at the mirror and see myself making a weird face that i’m actually not. I get extremely scared and jump back, I fall on the ground and lean against the wall thats opposite the bathroom. I suddenly realize that this is a dream. I think okay good, and I do a reality check, it failed. which was good. I then tried the lucidity x1000 trick, and it didn’t work at all. I expected the dream to go smoothly now, but I still had an extremely scared mood. I remember at this point feeling like I had had this dream before. And I knew that ali would be trying to kill me. I then tried calming myself down and i got up. I walked a few steps and saw ali, I was horrified. He moved his head in a circle like in a dance move thing. Except his head was moving like half a foot away from his body, and he neck was at an extreme angle, which scared the fuck outta me.

There wasn’t anything especially scary about him, but the dream was just scary. He attacked me, but i fought him off, then tried snapping his neck to get him to leave me alone (Somehow I knew that he’d come back, even if i killed him) so i had him on the floor, but i couldn’t get a good hold on his chin. He was pushing it against his chest. So i suddenly put my hand in his mouth and used that for grip instead. And after some struggling, i finally heard a slight cracking sound, and he was gone. Also, I think his friends were watching this? Even thought when I saw them they were on a park bench.

I then was still extrmely horrified, but still knew it was a dream, I thought to myself, 'this isnt worth it! I wanna wake up!" and I tried waking up. I end up in my bed, I do a reality check, and i’m still dreaming. I decide to leave my bed and open the room door, and I see ali standing between his room and the hallway. He looks at me with one of his weird looks, and I bet it was funny, but in the dream is was scary. I cant remember it though. We have another one of our fights, and by now i’m more pissed off than scared. We end up by the stairs, and i grab his head and make an epic jump all the way down the stairs while holding him. I make it so his head hits the ground first, and with a loud thud, he’s motionless again.

I’m very annoyed by now, but still scared. I’m now standing by the bottom of the staircase and the front door. My brothers body lay in front of me (Or one of his bodies, i guess :razz:). I thought, ‘This is my dream! I can do whatever I want!!’ I was very ticked cause even though i get lucid dreams often, I dont like wasting them being murdered by my dream characters. I started walking to the front door, there was something about the door, just a feeling that kept me away from it up until now. I was close to it, and terrified. I grabbed the door nob and slammed the door open. I half expected to see my brother there again, but thankfully he wasn’t. I attempted to fly again, and hit a couple branches as i took off, which i seem to do alot. I was having a bit of fun just flying around, so the dream wasn’t a total waste. I then realized i was using the ‘swim’ method of flying, and that I was only a couple meters away from the ground. I decided to switch to the superman technique. I was flying straight up, and then started flying at an angle, despite having my body and arm completely straight. I then remembered how it had bad steering. I tried turning, and stopped flying, and almost fell. I cought myself using the swim. Suddenly, having a near-waking up experience XD, i decided that flying at an angle wasn’t the worst thing ever. So i just flew around for the rest of the dream, since I couldn’t think of anything to do at the time, and I doubted that I could summon anything up either way.[/color]

As a (unfortunately) generally negative person, about 80% of my dreams tend to turn into nightmares. I’ve definitely had some lucid ones. In my most recent (and most terrifying) one, I just could not find the voice to wake up my boyfriend for him to wake me up. It was like I was screaming in my dream for him, realizing it was a LN, but unable for a good while to come out of it. I’m sure this is fairly common, but I found it quite interesting.

My favorite wasn’t so much of a nightmare but it was rather scary. I had crashed on my friend’s couch a good hour after the sun rose Edited out.. I kept waking up, seeing something weird, and falling back asleep only to “wake up” once more, over and over again. In one instance, I looked up to find the pillows from the couch floating just below the ceiling light. Confused and frightened, I noticed a demon-like figure grimacing eerily at me from the corner and realized once again that it was a dream. I had one other levitation dream like that too… it makes me wonder if I really can make stuff levitate when I sleep? Heh.