Lucid Nightmares

I was talking to my friend about LDs awhile ago, and got a response that surprised me. He said he HATES lucid dreams, because almost all his dreams are nightmares, and when he becomes lucid in a nightmare, it means something even more terrible is about to happen. He’s also got some sort of sleep apnea thing, where he’ll be dreaming that he’s drowning and can’t breathe, and its because he really cant breathe!

I dunno, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for this sort of situation? I’d tell him to come here, but I know he wont, so I’ll just pass along any info if anyone has any, or maybe, if I find out theres people here who’ve experienced similar things, or have advice, then I’ll tell him to come by…

Thanks guys…

There might be a reason for these nightmares. Try to find out why. Go to google or something and find dream translators.

I believe dreams can have meaning, but I dont believe that there is a univeral meaning for any particular dream sign/event/object/whathaveyou. Things mean different things to different people, and thus peoples’ subconsciouses will translate these things differently into dreams. If there’s a meaning, its not going to be something you can just look up on google.

Thanks anyway, though.

Can relate to it, was the same to me when I was a little child.

Normally I´d try to tell him that he can use lucidity to face his fears, but if they are induced by real physical problems it is more difficult.One thing he could learn is how to wake up.
Look into the newbie section, the thread is by Legionaire “How to wake up”.I posted my technique there.

To say more about it, it would be helpfull to know wether most of his nightmares are caused by this respiration problem, or if he also got many “normal” nightmares.


I think it’s a little of both, but Im not sure.

Thanks for pointing out that thread, it looks helpful.

My mother has this very same problem with her dreams. When I told her that I was studying LD’s and had been trying to induce them, she told me about her lucid nightmares that she has. She told me that since the dreams are so terrible and far fetched, then that’s the only time she is able to recognize that they are dreams, so she just closes her eyes and screams at herself to wake up. I mentioned to her that she might try the spinning method next time and that that might help her to control the dreams better. She has since had a few nightmares that lead to some cool LD’s.

Just my two cents… :tongue: