lucid on every dream you ever have...

Ok, I got this idea from reading two different posts. One was about what people like to do in their dreams, one person said they often edit their subconscious… Very interesting. Anyway, I read another post and I can’t remember what it was about or what it mainly said except the guy mentioned “Yeah it’s always a constant fight against your subconscious”, i guess he’s talkin about LD’s overall. As I read that I suddenly thought that maybe you can beat that competitive sub conscious of yours by editing it and telling it that you are always dreaming…

Could this work, hopefully the guy who was talking bout editing reads this! Then he could test it for us, I’m not too sure bout thi whole editing thing personally but if my idea works it could be amazing… Any thoughts people?

Telling your mind it’s always dreaming might not be a good idea.

It will work against the frameset of mind you try to cultivate, according to Laberge.
It helps to be aware of the distinction between dreaming and being awake.
If you told your mind this, I believe you’d get very confused… :confused:

Thats the approach recommended by all eastern techniques.To understand its the dream all the time.Most of the techs base on this,and its usually first step in them-wake up,imagine you woken in a dream room,imagine you`re drinking dream cofee,smoking dream cigarette…so on.
i dont think its bad idea,tho one needs to remember to not to do it to extremes…you need to keep a grip on your life too:)
take care

i spent over a month trying for that goal. and the closer i got to t the more i became afraid. i dont think that it is a good idea. i do think that your brain does need time to unwind, or whatever it does. i am sure that even natural lders do not go lucid in every dream.

so after tring to reach taht state i gave up. one a night is my goal now and soon i will have it. my max will be 2-3 i think so then i can actally write them down :happy:


Well ok…what if you “hacked” into your sub-conscious and told it to keep count of how many dreams you have…I’m sure it does that already as it does loads of stuff like that “behind the scenes”. Program your sub-conscious to become lucid on everytime you reach the 3rd dream or the 4th dream. This way you will only become lucid straight away on these dreams and the other will go on as usual so it can’t be unhealthy! I was reading about someone who deletes and adds stuff…he deleted some phobias and it was apparently sucessful!

I sometimes think that I need to come back to reality and stop hoping on LDs so heavly. I have to remember that this world is more important to me than the LD dreams.

I also don’t think our subcontous would allow us to access it that easly. It only puts a marker on the information we don’t want to see, not delete it, so that we can’t delete vital functions, even though it is our nature to fear doing this.

I think programming your subconscious to activate your conscious mind when you are dreaming is a bad idea. Not having any normal dreams is bad. If you experienced EVERY dream knowing it IS a dream, then there would be no room for your subconscious to notify you of anything that might not seem significant. Like, if you had control of every dream, you may be blocking important signals from your subconscious…

It’s kind of hard to explain this, but Pedro, your “every 3rd or 4th dream” idea is a good one. But I’d rather program my subconscious, if that is possible, to “notify” me of a dream as it is taking place, but also give me the choice to live the dream out as a LD or as a ND.

Besides, I don’t think it is even possible to program the subconscious, but then again, you CAN program it to do RCs, right? Maybe it IS possible…

I think what is possible is to tell DC’s to tell you it is a dream… Never had the chance, so far, but I hope to…

I dont know, it would be hard to program your subconscious. Becasue when you program it, you are telling it what you want to it to do/know, but what you know is what it will do (to help back that up, your subconscious is what your conscious belives)i hope that makes sense, heh.

i dunno, i bet im talkign crap, i have being reading too much today :read: my mind is soaked

I’d like to agree, but I don’t think this is quite accurate. Look at the average person these days - most of them might remember a dream every few weeks at best. You might be able to learn something by taking note of your dreams, but I doubt it’s critical. Personally, I’d love to only experience LDs.

“hack into your subconscious” … that somehow sounds cool :smile:

I think it could be a good idea, depends on how and what you edit/add. There is another technique mentioned here on the forum, it’s to tell a dc to tell you that you are dreaming the next time you are dreaming. That’s principally the same thing, the dc is a part of the subconscious.

Or another example: Affirmations. They can be very beneficial, but they can also make you ill. An affirmation like “I feel good all the time” (completely affirmative) for example can make you feel good all the time, an affirmation like “I never feel ill” (has negative parts in it) can indeed make you feel ill.

So, as I said, I think it depends on what exactly you do. And, even if someone would have LDs all the time (what I would love too :smile: ) and gets sick of it - he/she could stop it the same way he started it.

Yeah, at least it is reversible. But take into account how hard it is to program the subconscious. Remember the first time you tried to do RCs? Your subconscious probably didn’t remind you to do them until a few weeks or months after (or maybe even longer). So if you program your subconscious to have LDs all the time, then you would want to switch back, I guess that it would take a few months to get back to NDs.

Just my theory… of course, we could all try this out, eh?

yes that’s a problem. If it is possible to program the subconscious the way we like, it surely isn’t easy. I’ve also read somewhere that all people have a hidden “desire” to fail, and that the subconscious knows that and reacts to that. Well, if I have LDs more frequently I definitely gonna try it.

oh no no i dont want to think im dreaming all the time my life is too busy to be doing that

oh no no

as you can see from my dreams on the bottom . I dont need to do that Im just fine with my original proceedures.

oh no no :tongue:

thats practically making you think you have a whole different life

If every one of your dreams was a LD wouldn’t that defy the point of sleeping? Your conscious mind would get no rest! I would have thought it would be like not sleeping at all, no?

You dream anyway and don’t get tired, right? Well, the only difference here is that your aware that your dreaming. :wink:
Also, if your lucid, instead of non lucid, your likely to be having a whole lotta fun, so you’ll probably wake up even more rested than you otherwise would’ve, maybe even a little envigorated. Your minds getting a nice workout after all.

Dr. LaBerge wrote that lucid dreaming is just as restful as Nding. He also said that when you learn to have lds at will you can in effect, turn them on or off at your choosing. Personally, if I could have lds at will I would never turn it off. Lding at will is a special gift, and I wouldn’t take it for granted if I had it.

Josh is right!

Lucid dreaming is not any different from normal dreaming in that sense! If there is any restriction on how many lucid dreams we should have then we’d have to do the same for normal non-ld dreams too! And since we all have several dreams every single night then I think that wold be a problem without staying awake for our lives!

Infact, not only are Lds any worse than normal dreams but they can also be better! After a LD I’ve always felt charged with energy and feel ready to take on anything!