lucid or nott

sorry im not clear…
oly think i mean is i could call it iwos oly lucid for a small %
i wos saying to my friend on the beatch like yo its a lucid dream jump like this just make sumersolts like this but it wos like so hard to controll evry thing before i had lucid dreams where i had full controll like eating these fruitds thay tasted like thay never tasted before :d can some 1

BTW, what language do you speak?
I’m assuming that oly = only, iwos = I was, wos = was, beatch = beach, sumersolts = soumersaults, controll = control, evry = every, fruitds = fruits, thay = that? they?.
And you might want to work on your punctuation. English is not phonetic. I can just make out this paragraph, but some others might not be able to.

i speak special stuff m8 thanks for your time

Did you know you were having a dream?

If the answer is yes, you were lucid. If the answer is no, you were not lucid. Control has nothing to do with it.

And joecool94 is right…typing more carefully will help you get more results on forums. It doesn’t take much effort to spell most of the words correctly, put a few commas and periods in the appropriate places, and capitalize the first word of every sentence. :smile:

Yes i wos aware of my dream,so that means i wos lucid. Ather that i had a FA but i became lucid again Because i saw someone in the dream who wosn’t there…
What is control? i remeber lucid dreams where i had mucth more control and i could change my seroundings this time it seemd more like alow level lucid dream or something or my awerness wos 2 low?

It’s when you can change your surroundings and do what you want in a dream, for instance going through walls, make things appear, etc.

If your lucidity level is low, you generally don’t remember your dream objectives, or your reasoning isn’t clear, or you just go with the flow of the dream events.

i mean by control what you mean by it but still i dident think of changing it but i can remeber jumping on my own command and all that stuff like changing places but it wos just vague