Lucid Random Reading...

Okay when i am kind of awake, after sleep, it is weird how i read random information and then i realize i am reading it but then kind of wake up, but then return to reading it. Does this happen to anyone? It is like you are reading random information and “facts” about something with your mind. It’s like reading a book, article, etc. Always happens to me. Is it my Higher self giving me info? [/b]

not sure I understand :confused:

Don’t know about reading ( do you remember anything you have read? ) but I can relate. Sometimes I have flashes of images flashing by, like someone shows me a very fast slideshow in my head. I can never really remember any of the images, but it’s a weird sensation.

Yes I never remember them! and relV sorry it is confusing but i don’t know how to say it-- it is like reading random things , like passages just appear and i read them because they answer my questions and are important—but sadly i forget them. It is weird and i want to know what it is-- there has to be a reason behind it… lol crazy life! :tongue:

I have this thing with random reading sometimes! I’m not sure if it’s the same thing though.

It’s hard to explain, but let me try. It’s like a small dream or even a hipnogogic state where there is text. I’m only aware of text (I’m not, for example, reading a book, or even have a body). And it’s totally random words. I read by very quickly absorbing no information. My eyes go quickly from left to right, reading the lines.

That’s actually how I got lucid once and discovered ld4all the next day! :tongue:

OMG!!! THat is exactly -i have no body just text reading—the Exact thing-- what happens to me!!! You have explained much much much better!!! THAnk YOu!!! :grin: :content:

Its probably a form of Hypnagogic visuals.
I recall once when exiting my body and falling through darkness, noticing a few logos in the darkness, I know they were very meaningful to me but I couldn’t remember them later.
I will when I need to :wink:

I get this as something that seems like a secondary stream of consciousness. Either a series of thoughts, mixed up memories and words… It’s mostly verbal, with varying voices.

OMG :eek: Really!? Fantastic! It’s one of those things I thought no one else had :tongue: and if they did, I’d never be able to explain it well enough to see if it was the same thing!

I haven’t had it in some time (not once while keeping a DJ) but I have this feeling I’ve had it many times in my life. The experience feels very familiar. I guess it is some form of hypnagogoic visuals, as relV said, but it feel to me that the visuals are actually secondary. It’s like the main part of it all is the rapid flow of random information.

When I read it it feels like I’m reading it out loud in my mind, and sometimes I’m not sure I’m reading the exact words.

Now I want to have it again lol But now if I do it again I have someone to tell it to who will understand it! :woo:

Thank God everyone is understanding!
And Im not really sure what hypnagogoic visuals are… hehee
And Mattias I’ll be glad to heart about it! :smile:

To make this very short and simple.

You are always receiving lots of information, yet you are aware only of a very low amount of it. You could liken it to an endless ocean of water, while you are picking up only a couple of glasses a moment.

So you got information from a different source, that is not from your physical senses.

And interpreted it as a visual , that is, something you ‘saw’.

That’s all there is to it. ^^

Oh wow! that is --like everything now-a days-- SO coool!
Thank you relV :smile:

I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me, and I always seem to wake up shortly after, having no recollection of what i was reading, just remembering seeing or even just sensing text.

Icy J i agree with u on dat too. we wake up right after and can’t recall anything! but i bet the Subconscious mind has it stored :wink:

No doubt ^^

I find that If i think about something in the mornings, while laying in bed, the thinking developes into hallucinations of writing it down. Especially if it is related to a dream I just had. I suppose it is similar to your reading thing. The free flow of thoughts is developing into something closer to a dream as you are gradually falling asleep, adding features to it. Visuals, then maybe other senses, until you’re dreaming.

all kinds of cool stuff happens in this world! lol Soemtiems we get too caught up in “routines” that we don’t get to experience it— *sigh i will try this weekend to get Ld havn’nt gotten one in months!!! And the Random Reading hasn’t occurred again-- :meh: