Lucid Remote ?

Last time I thought of an epic tool for lucid dreams called the Lucid Remote,
For it will options from Scenary changing to Morphing to whatever you like.
So I thought I could share it. With my controls. :smile:

Channel up/down - Change scenary
Play/pause - freeze/unfreeze time
Morphing button - Morph myself into whatever I want
Wing Button - Gives me wings
Extra buttons - Just like most phones num-pads glide out, these buttons change, so they suit everything you need.

I guess something as this already excist… But heck it could be very effective

Cool. Have you actually used this in a dream yet?

Thats an awesome idea! :woo: You could program the buttons to whatever you want! like i would have;

Freeze time
Morph (myself or the setting)
generate button (add dream characters/objects)

and my personal favourite
The Rewind Button!! :grin: :grin:

what would you have on your personal remote? :tongue: :tongue:

This is a great idea! I think I’m gonna try this in the next LD I have. :content:


change scenary
freeze/unfreeze time
add DC’s and delete them ^^
add food! 'Cause I haven’t eaten in a LD yet! :tongue:

The extra buttons are reeaally a good idea, just be lazy and grab the remote for… anything! :woo:

Cool Idea, maybe good for the peoples who have problems with things like morph or scene changery. i will set it on my “Build when Lucid list”^^

I definitely going to try this, maybe ill sketch it out so its not completely new when i want one :razz: I think i will add a spawn button, and with a little screen in the middle so i could see what it is.

I was thinking of something like this, but in the form of a computer program.

thats what I was thinking, but like on a tablet computer.

Fantasting Idea!!! I love it! I’ll try a relax button or a remember button lol

I tried using a remote to change from day to night, or the other way around, I forget which. The remote worked, but the sky didn’t work that well. I think it is the same remote that did a trick when i tried to turn it over. The same side came up- It was not the same on both sides, it was the same side that came up in a sort of impossible and unseen switch halfway through the turning.
I am not confident that my buttons would stay the same if I tried using a remote like this. Perhaps it would be easier to have just one button that does whatever you want at the moment. Then again, It could have a few types of controls. Like a joystick to control people with, and a dial to make gradual changes with.

Thats a great idea!
And I’m thinking maybe you could have a tiny screen at the top that shows you small view of a place that you would want to go to and you can press the teleport button to teleport to what the ever place that is displayed on that screen.