Lucid Roleplay - This is Cool, Check it Out!

Yeah, I’m addicted. Yeah, I’ve posted like a million times today… No comment. :wink:

Anyways, I have this really fun and awesome idea. It’s a Lucid Roleplay. Basically, there is a certain setting, and certain characters that are part of it. In your next lucid dream, use them to make a story out of them. When you get up, make sure to post the dream right away. Then, the next night, someone else will continue the story in their own dream. But, remember to post quickly. If somebody posts before you, and your dream no longer makes sense with their’s, it’s too late.

I’m not very creative, personally, so I’ll let you guys decide the characters. First one to post about them decides. There must be a boy character (who you will be if you are a boy) a girl character (who you will be if you are a girl), and some of their friends. There must also be a setting. There must be a villan of some sort.