Lucid shake

Or smoothie, or drink

My friend and I are tryin to invent a lucid shake/smoothie/drink that actually tastes GOOD. There are restrictions though. He is allergic to wheat, flour, and coconut.

So far for possible ingredients, we have:

bananas (a must)
strawberries (another must)
chocolate is being considered
Milk if it needs it

Does anyone else have suggestions? Remember, it has to go towards a lucid spike and good taste (meaning you’ll want to have it everynight, increasing lucidity, thus making your overall being and mental state much more positive)

And someone said calea Z helped in the chatroom. Does anyone know what this is?

put some vitamins in there!

B6 (that’s the right one, right?)

Put loads of B6 in it.

PS not over 500MG though

Calea is not to be added if you want it to taste good. Just a heads up.

Where can you get vitamin B6 ?

Bananas… google… etc

We aren’t going to buy those pills or whatever it is, we’re going to make it out of natural ingredients that have B6 and maybe B12 in them.

As much chocolate as you want, it definitely helps (chocolate chips worked the best for me) :smile:

Have you ever put protein powder in your smoothies? It’s just a container of powder and you scoop some into smoothies ofr extra protein. Maybe they have the same kind of powder for vitamins like B6… :grin:

You’re out of luck then. Nothing that I’m aware of has enough B6 or B12 in it to reach the amounts generally recommended for dreaming effects.

Mad Hatter, how much is recommended?

From what I’ve read, anywhere from 50 MG to 500 MG. It’s not safe past something like 100MG I think. I’m not sure on that number though. You should also realize that 100MG is 5,000% of your daily recommended value.

Lol, that’s abit much. I read that 500MG is where you start to feel sick or something.

At 500MG it is almost certainly causing damage. Although damage has been seen occurring from 100MG and up. Too much B6 tends to cause temporary nerve damage, If I remember correctly.

Yep, I read about B6 on some website the other day and it said that an overdose of B6 can cause nerve damage.

…I don’t want a SUPER ULTRA OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA CHARLIE MEGA DELUXE LUCID shake/smoothie/drink, just a LUCID shake/smoothie/drink will do fine.

Just order a thickshake from mcdonalds in your dream… it’s bound to taste good - being that it’s so fattening. At least you can’t gain weight from eating/drinking in a dream! (or so I believe… >.<)

Maybe you have to make a SUPER ULTRA OMEGA ALPHA BETA GAMMA CHARLIE MEGA DELUXE LUCID shake in order to make a LUCID shake at all.

Neo, it’s supposed to be for getting lucid or recall. Besides, Burger King has MUCH more fattening shakes.

Well, if you want B12 you can add beef to your smoothie.

I heard that apple juice works really well, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. But apples are natural, so you may as well chuck a bit of apple juice in!