Lucid spell... It works. Law of attraction, and EFT.

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OK this is a spell that I casted lastnight, and was surprised of the results. This is a spell I wrote myself. It could be a plazebo affect, or whatever. I dont look into how it works. The thing I like about magic is that you dont have to go by any set rules. as long as you dont intend any harm. Its all about directing universal energy, and symbolisem. You can use anything as long as you know what it symbolizes. So here is what I did…

I took two melatonin pills, and grounded them up (Symbol of dreams)

Coffee grounds (Symbolizing lucid awareness within dream)

I tore up a page from my dream journal(symbol of my own personal dreams, and dream energy)

Seasalt to help charge the spell.

I mixed it all togeather, and directed energy into it (you can use your finger, or a wand, or a pendulum when using a pendulum to direct energy remmber. Counter clockwise sucks out energy, and negativety, clockwise puts energy into)

While doing this It allso helps to visualize light, going into whatever. Then I would chant something, or pray. You can do whatever feels right to you. Then I said the lords prayer, and put the mixture into a pouch, and I slept with it under my pilow.

P.S allso play some music while doing your spell to raise the vibration, and burn some incence. Its about atmosphere.

The importent thing is to just simply enjoy it, and have fun with it. Look at it as a child pretending, and playing. So you can try this, or do it another way. If you do try it. Let me know the results please. Now im off to burn in hell for using magick.

Its basicaly the law of attraction. Have you ever heard of EFT. Look it up its intersting.

Would you by any chance be Wiccan?