Lucid stupidity or just not caring?

This morning i tried WBTB as usual. I had one or two NDs of me being in my room and then going back to sleep. Then out of nowhere i become lucid, but it was all black. I knew something was happening near me, so i think thats what kept me lucid for the first few moments of this.

At some point it occurred to me that i was merely blind and had to open my eyes, but then i became fearful that i’d open my real eyes. So then i used my dream hands to slowly pry them open one by one.

When i was done with this i noticed i was in my room with a TV show running. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to get up and do something, but i still had lucidity whilst watching the TV (my lucidity started fading after some moments of course :tongue: ). I’m a bit confused as to why i went through all that trouble to open my eyes only to wind up doing nothing and wasting a good lucid opportunity :cry:

Please don’t think you are stupid. Any negative thinking surrounding Lucid dreaming will only cause it to become more difficult.

It seems like you are doing a good job so far. It just takes time. I actually just experienced something similar this morning. The darkness and the slight fear that my real eyes would open…well it just happens sometime, but if you relax it just gets easier and the difficulty vanishes and then you can see and enjoy your lucid dream.

You were like a deer caught in headlights. :content:

You should also have a little goal to try and achieve each time you are lucid… otherwise, you will get this overwhelming feeling of… what do I do now that I can do anything?!

When you find yourself lucid, you will then have a pretty good idea of what to try and start doing!

@#Six: hehe thanks! ill try to remain a little more calm or even try not to think about my real eyes opening :content:

@Carnun: i dont think its that i never had a goal to begin with. I usually wanna go lucid to try either flying or simply to explore what my subconcious can create :tongue: i think i came across that weird occurrence where i simply didnt care about being lucid once i opened my eyes to see my own room, idk much at this point i cant remember what exactly what i was feeling when i opened my dream eyes. :eh:

Well… I dont think you were actually lucid then. You were just dreaming you were lucid!

hmmm you’re saying a false lucid dream? i never fully understood what it meant to have a FLD. i mean when i become lucid i feel something in my brain “clicks” so to speak, and i felt that when i was in that blindness in the beginning… :confused: im starting to think i became lucid but didnt FULLY understand what that meant, in other words a low-level lucid dream in which i then became non-lucid after a bit. ehhh :meh:

One more tip: If you are afraid that you will wake up when you have a LD, you can calm yourself down by thinking that if you wake up you would immediately do a DEILD :wink: