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Hey guys, hope you all doing well.

A bit about myself first: it’s been almost 2 months i got into LD. Pretty successfull journey, i had my first LD ever 3 days after starting out, and got the point of having a LD every other day, or 1 in 3 days at the very least (even tho stability and vividness is something i still struggled a bit).

I’ve then been reading about Huperzine A and choline supplements, and how it’s supposed to increase the chances and vividness of LDS trough acetylcholine pathways. Since i had my solid base in place, i figured i’d give it a shot. Since i started taking huperzine A tho (4 days ago now), i had no lucid dreams, and my dreams weren’t even positevly changed to any significant degree. So far then, it seems Huperzine A not only does not work for me, but it actually kills my LD capabilities.

I should also note that I’m responding very well to it besides the lucid dreaming thing, my focus, memory during the day has been greatly improved, to the point it almost feel like taking a drug (walking down the street i notice everything, every tactile sensation in my feets/hands, every sound, every detail on the walls/street every irrelevant thing). So it’s not even i’m a non-responder if they even exist.
Any of you guys had similar experinces and/or something to share to clear this up for me? :grinning:
Have a nice day!

Hey Nafi,
I have expermented with Huperzine-A as well. I am not a frequent lucid dreamer so I don’t know if the Huperzine A changed anything on that or not; I did have a few more lucid dreams, but I woke up right away from them. One thing that the Huperzine A did change is that it sometimes made my other dreams crazy vivid. For example, one morning I had like five false awakenings, each in a different foreign country (Italy, Africa, America, Asia, the Netherlands). With every single false awakening I was convinced that this time I was really awake; they were so realistic and they each had their own story.
In waking life I don’t notice the changes you mentioned. I can be a bit more focused (or ‘in the zone’) but that might be due to the way it is interacting with my depression-/anxiety-like symptoms. The way it impacts you sounds really cool, though. However, are you sure you aren’t overdosing? The half-life of Huperzine-A is 12-14 hours, meaning that after about 12 hours half of the huperzine is still in your system, and after 24 hours there is still 25% left. I’m not an expert, but I heard that the buildup might be unhealthy in the long term if you take it daily, especially because there is not a lot of research on the effects of the medicine. The reason I’m asking is because I read a story about someone who accidentally hugely overdosed and could suddenly feel all his bodily functions, even his digestive systems. I doubt that is the case with you or you would have probably experienced side effects like vomiting, but it still might be worth mentioning.
For the rest, congratulations on your LD achievements, I hope the Huperzine does work out in the end!

Hey! Thanks for sharing your experience. I stopped taking it because it seemed to negavely impact my results, as i mentioned.

That’s a nop for me unfortunately, it didn’t impact my lucid dreams nor my normal dreams to any significant degree :frowning:

Well, i have a 225mcr capsules, so that’s the minimum dosage i’m taking haha, i don’t thing i’m anywhere close to OD.
I’ll keep the post updated if something changes, for now, i started taking it during the day because of the powerful effects i’m experiencing while awake.
Cheers man!

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