Lucid Too Late

I have recently improved my ability to recognize when I’m dreaming but I have a problem. Usually when I do become lucid, it happens near the end of the dream so I wake up after a few seconds. Or when I realize I’m dreaming I don’t grasp the importance of it and I fall out of lucidity. Can anyone help me out with these problems?

I have had a similar problem last night. Last night was the first time in my life I went to slep with the intention of trying to have a Lucid Dream. I remember much about the dream itself (dream recall has always been good for me) including the brief moment where I was lucid… I was in a gigantic complex of some kind the entire dream, and at one point I was in an elevator type thing of some kind, and I looked at my hands and started looking around in a very aware way and started telling myself that it was just a dream, but just as I was realizing it, the door to the elevator opened and introduced the next dream scene, which blew me out of proportion and left me playing out my regular part in the dream once again.

You have to study and practice the techniques of lucidity and let yourself truly believe that you CAN control your dreams. But not just that, you have to believe that dreams, and the world they are in, is as real as the world we live in today.

I would be skeptical if I didnt realize I was having lucid dreams periodically before I even knew what Lucid Dreaming was. I believe.

The only DILDs (which were really just lucid moments because I woke up right then) or almost-DILDs that I ever had were at the end of dreams. I have noticed that I think more logically as I am about to wake up, and that obviously helps in the questioning of reality. I think about things that I would normally pay no attention to (example, feeling no pain when falling).

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When you start exiting the dream, try focusing really hard on something in the dream. Try to grab something close to you and think about how real it feels. Look at the detail of the object your grasping and notice how detailed and vividly real it is. Listen to the sounds around you, try to hear what people or talking about (if anyone’s around you), listen for cars, birds chirping. Or you can try to do something like rubbing your hands or spinning around etc.

When u wake up right after becoming lucid, many times u will wake because of the excitment. When this happens DONT even move at all, attempt to go right back into the dream, kinda a super fast WILD. (worked 4 me!)

I woke up once in the middle of a dream because it was so vibrant. I woke up and went back to sleep right away.
But I think that I was still dreaming when I thought I woke up. So do an RC anytime you think you woke up.