Lucid trap?

Hello. I had this weird dream last night. It started randomly then at one point I realised that I am dreaming. It was normal to me, because I had a lot of LD’s. So I started doing stuff and I woke up, BUT… I couldn’t move from my bed and it wasn’t SP, because I was in the other room, but my brain was fooled that it was SP. So I relaxed and rolled out of the bed. I appeared in the house of somekind. Explored it and tried to do one task I wanted to do (create an object while looking at the spot where I want it to appear) and I succeed. Then I did some flying and stuff… I woke up again SP (at least my brain thought so). I rolled again, perform RC and started doing lucid stuff again… Then again I woke up… And again… I even can’t remember how many times I did wake up. It should be around 5. Anyway, my question would be was I in the lucid trap? And why I couldn’t move unless I roll?

I never heard of a lucid trap.

It looks like it was a mix of multiple SP and FA. I don’t know why rolling out of your body seems to be the best way to get unstuck, maybe the brain finds it easier to do. It’s the simplest way to get out of bed if you think about it.

Exploit them to get lucid!